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Author Topic: Kree8-a-Caaln Starlkot'sf pOrphcy vursion  (Read 1180 times)

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Kree8-a-Caaln Starlkot'sf pOrphcy vursion
« on: September 16, 2016, 09:25:21 PM »
i had made a quiz like this
*glares at hackers*

WOFOOOFOFOFOFOOPOOoooooooooo U maDE a CALLLLN! WQat fod yoy cull it (pick a word, it determines Clan prefix. I used a word generator for this, plus some words that came into my mind while I typed.)
tract (bigh arehe lend) - FiRA
cocky - SnEK
flute - Sufg
tawny - PACth
bunny - suftYT
flint - STOYNME
spark - LiHGH
birch - TINbah
twine - woHl
horse - Aih
splash - SWUosh wuosh (i pity the person who got SWUosh wuoshClan)
heart - SPAWttie
silver - BrIER
strike - LiEFTay
wrong - NeiHGYHt
swiss - SAMDFD
sward (LAYA opf dirt tat is cohjebvered bi gass) - treh

"OOOOOH NOES says a caht" WA NED DA LEDER! (Pick a fur type)
Ginger (faint stripes but not tabby) - GrewyStoipe
Ginger TABBY - Brakenfur
Dark Ginger - STARGLEMA
Cream (faint stripes) - Millioe
Cream Tabby - Assfur
Brown - FirePew
Brown Tabby - Bubpaw
Dark Brown Tabby (because dark brown tabbies are so different from brown tabbies they need their own category) - Mitsyfoot
Gray - Hacky-kin
Gray Tabby - Bullstar
Silver  - Holylaef
Silver Tabby - Squireflit
Black - Falled Leaf!!!!111!!!11!

woah said a kit when you got your nien lifvs u ned a depudy (pick a medicine cat)
Cloudberry - BROCKENSTAR
Sagewhisker - Berrienosie
Goosefeather - Dawnsaprkel
Barkface - Lionblx
Featherwhisker - JazSogn
Yellowfang - TIGGERSTAR
Runningnose - SandStrom
Littlecloud - Twanypelt
Mothwing - SCOURG
Willowshine - Tailpoppy
Flametail - Redstrom
Puddleshine - Iwped
Spottedleaf - Briarstorm
Cinderpelt - Rustfur
Leafpool - IScorhcWind
Jayfeather - CedarGeart
Kestrelflight - Bamblecalw
Alderheart - BleuStar

OH NOEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
its leif-bahre and grehncoff is ihn deh cemp.
hold on im a medisin cat
WHO COLD IT BEH? (Pick your favourite arc!)
The Prophecies Begin - Jayfeathern
The New Prophecy - WithStorm
Power Of Three - Bundleface
Omen of the Stars - Tailstar
A Vision of Shadows - Dayspow
Dawn of the Clans - Barkfall
Super Edition - Falmepaw
Novellas - Craw Feather
Lost Warrior - EagelWiKit
Tigerstar and Sasha - Lakepool
Ravenpaw's Path - NighRAin
SkyClan and the Stranger - Mouthwing
Field Guide - CXLOUDTAIL
Stand Alone Manga (Or, Rise of Scourge) - SILBERSTREAMA

gasp gasped a warir. there's two cahts breakeng the eleven commons that don't know how to count "TEN COMMONS? WAT THEY DOE?????????????????????????????????????????????? (Pick a forbidden couple)
Tiger X Dove - seid starcaln in van
Gray X Silver - stel someting form otter caln
Oak X Blue - kile otter outside battel
Lion X Heather - jelos of neibourgh
Ragged X Yellow - liy bout negburr
Jay X Half - unfaitful to meat
Crow X Feather - belived in other golncestors
Fire X Spotted - Disrespeting mom and ded
Fire X Cinder - make a pictur and warhipped iht
Crow X Leaf - BENG GAY

U connfren dem and sai "u brok the 10 commons di" "dont you now we command rouges ATTACK LEDER" how many lifs did you lose (Pick a Dark Forest cat)
Hawkfrost - 5
Tigerstar - sefven
Thistleclaw - for
Darkstripe - totootwo
Redwillow - thee
Antpelt - NEIN
Clawface - sux
Brokenstar - oen

u banihed them and (prefix)Caln will forever lif in happeniss
horray leder

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Re: Kree8-a-Caaln Starlkot'sf pOrphcy vursion
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2016, 11:01:09 PM »
I'm in BriaerCLAN which IS lead my MIllieo

Teh dedupy is Redstrom and the amedicat is Faelmpaw

some1 is braking the TEN COMMONS by bean unfariful to meat but when i fconfted them i lots fore lifes

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Re: Kree8-a-Caaln Starlkot'sf pOrphcy vursion
« Reply #2 on: November 05, 2016, 05:51:59 AM »
Ok EXTREMELY hard to read. I tried but in vain.

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Re: Kree8-a-Caaln Starlkot'sf pOrphcy vursion
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2016, 02:03:24 PM »
Ok EXTREMELY hard to read. I tried but in vain.
Trying to read the trollfic StarKits Prophcy might help you understand the terrible spelling. The quiz is totally written in a SP manner!