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Author Topic: //Dark Forest Warriors// (return of the Ww FST!)  (Read 771 times)

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//Dark Forest Warriors// (return of the Ww FST!)
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Well, sort of, anyways.

Hello! the fanworks board is really slow and it makes me sad! So I thought I'd made a playlist and post it on here.

Click the image to listen!


Keep your eyes open, Fireheart. Keep your ears pricked. Keep looking behind you. Because one day I'll find you, and then you'll be crowfood.

The dark forest is terrifying, to be honest, and seems like a terrible fate. Not just because of the fourth arc and all of the violence that happened there, but because when you get down to it, it really describes what it's like to be truly lonely. You wake up alone. You wander alone for what feels like a thousand lifetimes. If you do run across someone? They're just as horrible as you, and you can never trust them. You can never experience true companionship again. That's the price you paid. And you'll keep paying it, simply existing in this world full of death and disease, until finally, finally the world takes pity on you and you fade away.
I tried to capture both the well-known violence and the overlooked melancholy, that terrible loneliness that gnaws at you from the inside. You're there for a reason. You don't deserve friendship but god, you're so, so alone.

Track List:
I Shot A Man | Dirt Poor Robins
The Bones of Ymir | Sons of Perdition
Playpen | Disasterpeace
The Grand Inquisitor III : A Tiny Grain of Faith | The Ocean
Kinpatsu no Gankou | Yoshihisa Hirano
Vacant | Dream Theater
Dirge from Dark Side | Yoshihisa Hirano
Desert of Song | Between the Buried and Me
Gallows | Cocorosie
Hunter | Thirty Seconds to Mars

(cover art by saagaiart on tumblr, edited by me)