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Title: 100-Theme Challenge Masterpost
Post by: Sunneth on August 22, 2015, 09:29:06 pm
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Themes list courtesy of @Ariel back on Wwv4! <3

Draw, write, sing, dance, do anything you want for each theme! You can make a thread in the dedicated board for your entries (double posting will be allowed in this board). It doesn't matter how quickly, slowly, or often you submit these themes, but please submit them in order. You don't have to stick to one medium; switching it up would be fun! All content must be created new for this challenge.
-- This 100-Theme Challenge is Warriors-themed, obviously, but not all of your content has to be set-in-stone canon. You may use fan Clans, traditions, customs, characters, etc, for the more general themes (like Camp, or Greenleaf). Be creative and have fun!
-- If you're not sure if what you've done counts for the theme, feel free to ping me in your post and I'll give you a definite yes/no! You could also run ideas by me first, if it's something you wouldn't want to risk having not count.

sunneth did you say PRIZES?
yes! There will actually be prizes this time, unlike the first time we tried this!
In order to be eligible for prizes, we must be able to see some kind of effort in your entries. Try your hardest to make anything you enter presentable, but we won't judge based on skill level alone. If we feel that you're not putting effort in (aka working only for the prizes), we may contact you to talk about it (aka we wouldn't wait until you've submitted 100 things to deny you).
- For your 20th submission, you will receive: 200 prey points
- For your 40th submission, you will receive: 400 prey points
- For your 60th submission, you will receive: 600 prey points
- For your 80th submission, you will receive: 800 prey points
- For your 100th submission, you will receive: a 100-Theme Challenge feather and 1,000 prey points
(Total: 1 feather and 3,000 prey points)

When you reach a landmark number, please post on this thread to claim your prize. (I'll probably be watching each thread, but you'll need to claim your own prize.)
Title: Re: 100-Theme Challenge Masterpost
Post by: Wryfinch on August 23, 2015, 10:16:06 am
A few questions (and I'm writing EVERYTHING so yeah):

--What's the word limit if we write? Is it a sentence-per-prompt kind of thing? Hopefully not, the way you set it up, but still.

--Are the favorite/least favorite parentheses'd statements just guidelines or do we specifically need to write about our favorite/least favorite things in that prompt?

--I haven't read past the second series nor have I read any Super Edition books, so I don't know much about the Tunnels, powers, or Ancient cats. Can I substitute those prompts for my vague headcanons about the Clans' origins or just something random about tunnels?

--Should I write in my perspective or through a character? Can it be philosophical ramblings?

--You put in "The River" as both prompt 79 and prompt 84. You're confusing me there, mate.
Title: Re: 100-Theme Challenge Masterpost
Post by: Sunneth on August 23, 2015, 03:04:25 pm
-- No word limit! I need to be able to read it all or at least skim it, so hopefully no, like, 50k fics or anything. I imagine it'd need to be longer than one sentence per prompt, though, unless it's like... a 100-word sentence that took a lot of effort to make a legit sentence rather than a bunch of words just smashed together. (i actually had an assignment like that in school a long time ago...)

-- Favorite/least favorite are just guidelines, yeah; you could pick both, either, or. None of these prompts are really super specific so you have a lot of freedom in interpreting them. 

-- that's a little trickier... but I think fan-canon would still work, even if you're not totally familiar with the canon ideas. ie for Ancient cats, you could work with whatever understanding you have based on things they say in whichever books you've read. (considering how consistent the Erins are... almost everything could be canon lol)

-- Anything's fine!

-- oops. This list has been around for a while so I can't remember if there was meant to be a distinction or if it was just a mistake... I'll fix that in a little bit!

some of those answers are still pretty vague, but I guess that's the nature of open-ended prompts ^^;
Title: Re: 100-Theme Challenge Masterpost
Post by: t3nt4k103941023 on August 27, 2015, 09:57:33 am
as long as I keep a post where they're in order does it really matter how I submit them? I'm also gonna keep a list for checkpoint purposes...
it's more work for me to go out of order I realize, but I'm cool with that

also: the double river issue hasn't been resolved unless you just wanna keep it that way I mean I wouldn't really complain
Title: Re: 100-Theme Challenge Masterpost
Post by: tinyfeather on August 27, 2015, 08:08:50 pm
maybe one is meant to be the dark river from...the book dark river?
or one is supposed to be the forest river and one is the lake river
Title: Re: 100-Theme Challenge Masterpost
Post by: Sunneth on August 30, 2015, 02:34:27 pm
i need to stop looking at posts on my phone and forgetting to reply once i get on my computer.......

I'd still prefer things being submitted in order, just because it can get kind of messy otherwise. also, the prizes for like having 20 will need to be 1-20, not just any 20. you're welcome to do them out of order and upload them/keep them in drafts, but I'm gonna have to be picky and say post in-order only.

I hadn't decided about the river yet ;o; I think the first one will be original forest territory and the second will be the lake territory.