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>system start
>run greeting.exe

Greetings! Welcome to Warriors Wish! This city boasts a diverse community and is one of the most technologically advance cities ever built! I am your guide: ISAAC. In the event of an inquiry or emergency, locate your nearest terminal and ask me for assistance. Enjoy your stay at Warriors Wish and remember, y͡҉̧̀͢o҉͏u̶͏ ̨̡́͏́c̴̸̷̨à͢͜n̶͘͡ ̷̧̧̧͝a̵̶͜͡͠ĺ̵̢͢͜w̧͏a̵̛͢҉̶y̨͘s҉̷̵ ̨͘̕͞c̶͘͘͞o̕u҉͠͞ņ̷́t͢͞҉ ̛͢͜͞o̶͝ǹ̡͜͝

>ERROR CODE: unknown
>file: corrupted


Vague plot synopsis is vague, but that way there's more surprises. Anyway, hello, friends! It has been... years since I last dipped my feet in the wonderful world of Warriors Wish fan fiction. My previous outings (from way back in the Stone Age) were inane, frenetic, and all around bizarre. Well I've got great news: It's going to be exactly the same.

I haven't done fan fiction in a while, so there's no guarantee this won't crash and burn horribly. But I figured, when was the last time I backed down from a bad idea? So the application to join and all that is below. Feel free to apply, and let's have fun!


Scary (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33055#msg33055)
DFW (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33070#msg33070)
Splashy (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33148#msg33148)
Altias (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33170#msg33170)
Heat (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33184#msg33184)
Scar (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33245#msg33245)
Rain (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33514#msg33514)
L.AVI (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33938#msg33938)
Tiny (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php/topic=670.msg33919#msg33919)

ERROR: citizen_database exceeding capacity. Please apply later. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: Tom on October 01, 2015, 01:32:01 am

APPEARANCE_DESC: Normal looking, about 6' tall with blonde hair. Has terrible fashion sense.
PROFESSION_LIST: Owns an antique store which is a front for a tea or duck smuggling company.
PERSONALITY_EVAL: I feel like we already know each other so well. I guss I'm fairly friendly and bubbly and stuff like that. I like competition but hate actual spoopy conflict. I exaggerate a lot and get excited about things. I try to be friends with everyone and I love everyone I'm friends with. I also used to be evil af and a mad scientist so
DANGER_RESPONSE: Ideally flight rather than fight. I would rather do things behind the scenes than on the front lines. But in extreme circumstances I am definitely not afraid to beat people to death with a stapler.
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: I hate long walks on the beach (but love lob walks on the beach). I love video games and movies and talking to people and coffee and tea and drinking and music ♡
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: Darkforestwarrior on October 01, 2015, 02:34:23 am
CITIZEN_NAME: Joie, but most often just called DFW
GENDER_IDENT: its pretty much fluid idk
PRONOUN_CHOICE: they and/or she, honestly don't have a preference so take yer pick xD
APPEARANCE_DESC: Short lil person with blonde hair in a bob cut, dresses very often in button up flannel shirts (no I'm not a lumberjack stop asking you fools) also wears glasses and most often a slightly disgruntled expression
PROFESSION_LIST: LUMBERJA- computer programmer (kinda slightly bad at it, but I do my best and get by)
PERSONALITY_EVAL: Acts kinda distant towards most people, which is mostly just a product of being a generally shy person. Loves making jokes with closer friends and can even be a bit of a prankster if the mood hits
DANGER_RESPONSE: Does not respond well to the dangers. I tend to overreact and flail about for a minute before figuring out what needs to be done then finally doing it.
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: has an artistic side, like animals and living things, but also really digs all the things technology can do (SO many cool things!)
OTHER_INFO: secret memester shhhh nothing extra really? Wooo fanfic joinage :D
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: Splashy on October 01, 2015, 09:45:15 am

CITIZEN_NAME: Adri Splashy Silve (Goes by Splashy)
GENDER_IDENT: cis female
PRONOUN_CHOICE: she/her/hers
APPEARANCE_DESC: Average height with a small build. She's generally fairly tan and has slightly wavy/straight (Depends on the morning) black hair which varies from just under her shoulders to longer. Usually keeps it shorter in the Summer and longer in the Winter. Clothing wise she's fairly girly, generally wearing blues and neutrals, dresses out of laziness, skirts, and the like. She doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, usually keeping it to small earrings. In colder climates- usually just jeans and a cute top or sweater. Perpetually wearing a scarf in the Winter. 
PROFESSION_LIST: Messenger/Professional Gossip
PERSONALITY_EVAL: Optimistic, hopelessly romantic, energetic on the outside. Wants the best for others but often will overlook own needs for that of others to the extreme sometimes. She's the girl who always pretends to be perfectly fine but usually isn't- prefers to keep uglier feelings and thoughts hidden from the world. Feels like she can't show those emotions to others because who people expect her to be, because others expect her to be fine- appears very open and trusting but often doesn't truly open up to people unless she knows them very well. 
DANGER_RESPONSE: badly. Prone to just worrying herself to death instead of taking action. If it's life-threatening enough the adrenaline will get her to do something. 
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: Enjoys creative writing, pixel art, dance (primarily more classical- ballet and modern mostly), gossiping/knowing everything about everyone, helping other people with their problems even though she's terrible at dealing with her own, excellent at subtly manipulating others to suit her own needs when required. Coffee is LIFE.
OTHER_INFO: If you need a weapon she keeps a chainsaw in good condition. Pet- Frisky, a brown tabby kitten who could be a cousin of HF.
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: rowan on October 01, 2015, 10:46:37 am

CITIZEN_NAME: Altias G. Wolfpal
APPEARANCE_DESC: (points to this) (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php?topic=246.msg5766#msg5766)
PROFESSION_LIST: (points here again) (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php?topic=246.msg5766#msg5766)
PERSONALITY_EVAL: (the pointing becomes more panicked) (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php?topic=246.msg5766#msg5766)
DANGER_RESPONSE: fear, anxiety, probably a panic attack
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: (i raise this link above my head) (http://forum2.warriorswish.net/index.php?topic=246.msg5766#msg5766)
OTHER_INFO: i am a pun master and tarot fanatic
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: Arcade Heat on October 01, 2015, 11:12:28 am
sign me the grapefruit up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good mandarin go౦ԁ mandarin👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌mandarin right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯  i say so 💯  thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good mandarin

APPEARANCE_DESC: Slim build, with a height about 5'10. He isn't overly muscular, but he isn't really skinny, either. He has medium length dirty blond hair with light blond highlights, which reaches about mid neck level. the bangs are usually swept to the left side of his face, barely covering his left eye at times. His face doesn't have many pronounced features, although he does have noticeable cheekbones. Other than the cheekbones, the rest of his face could be described as childlike. He wears Dark wash/Black slim cut Jeans, a grey V-neck, and a red and black plaid button-up shirt, usually left unbuttoned.
PROFESSION_LIST: Bartender/Assassin
PERSONALITY_EVAL: Heat is a fairly outgoing person, but is also a bit of a blueberry. He has a comment or an opinion on everything, and won't hesitate to let other people know how he really feels. He can be fairly dramatic at times, and often embellishes stories that he tells. He gets offended somewhat easily, and can hold grudges easily and for a long time. He can also get in verbal and physical arguments easily. He can be rather vain at times, and always takes pride in his appearance. He doesn't particularly like it when he has to sweat, as it "ruins his appearance". Most of his boisterousness is just a facade, as he is insecure about himself and doesn't want to be alone. Faced with a tough situation, unless he can find an answer quickly, Heat usually throws himself into the action without looking at things. During the day, he usually has a coffee cup in his hand. When he goes out at night, he enjoys drinking, but usually doesn't have much of a tolerance. He really likes fighting/combat in general, and generally sees it as more of a game than anything else.
DANGER_RESPONSE: Usually stays calm and collected, but has a tendency to do the whole "look before you leap thing." relies hevaily on instinct when in danger? Willing to face it head on.
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: Music, Singing, Alcohol, Coffee, Partying, himself, his appearance, Sword fighting
OTHER_INFO: He has a border collie named Nine, a strong fear of spiders and the concept of little green men, and eyes. For a weapon I'm good with a pistol or a rapier/sabre? idk (also ENFP and Sagittarius)
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: Scar on October 01, 2015, 12:38:52 pm
APPEARANCE_DESC: She has fair skin with dark hazel (green/brown) eyes. Her hair is long and very dark brown, with natural curls (often told it looks like the singer Lorde's) that reach down to her waist. She's only 5'2" but of average build. She has a small birth mark on her shoulder, a four inch scar on the inside of her right leg, and a small button nose. 
PROFESSION_LIST: Wildlife biologist/actress
PERSONALITY_EVAL: She's normally quiet and observant; often mistaken for shy. When she's comfortable with someone, she becomes more outgoing, but is still more reserved than most. She's friendly towards strangers unless given a reason not to be, in which case she can become extremely hostile. Usually she tends to resort to some sort of violence in conflicts, and tends to swear more often than not. Considers herself plain and ordinary, but slightly more intelligent than most. Despite this, she does not like receiving compliments or talking about achievements. When she does hang out with others, she tends to get a bit crazy.
DANGER_RESPONSE: Mostly violence, but will occasionally try to work things out peacefully if she feels that it's worth it.
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: Playing with animals, reading, playing video games, riding horses, acting
OTHER_INFO: Has a pet lutino cockatiel named Prim as well as a black chinchilla (Onyx) and a white chinchilla (Zulu).
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: Raintalon on October 01, 2015, 08:09:13 pm
CITIZEN_NAME: Rain T. Nymous
APPEARANCE_DESC: Short, pixie-ish pale ginger hair that is messy almost without fail. Eyes are green. Her skin is relatively pale, and she stands at about 5'11''.  Overall, she looks fairly androgynous. Usually wears printed t-shirts, sweatpants, and a hoodie, mostly in blues and grays.
PROFESSION_LIST: Owner of a tech-friendly coffee shop in the middle of the city. There are far too many puns involved with the menu items and general service.
PERSONALITY_EVAL: Sometimes hardheaded and opinionated. If you get into an argument with her, she probably won't back off; however, she's fairly laid-back and non-combative if it's a subject she doesn't care too strongly about. Nice to just about everyone she meets and often excessively polite (saying thanks and stuff). Pretty smart and intuitive; creative. Can be protective of friends, or get into arguments with them whilst simultaneously trying to protect them. Sometimes oblivious. Is the kind of person who will often poke or literally lean on close friends. Says 'dude' way too much. Other than sometimes punching friends for being stupid, is more or less pacifistic. Hardly ever has a bad day, but when she does, she will snap at anyone who bothers her too much.
DANGER_RESPONSE: She'd go for negotiation first, but would be ready for a fight.
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: Writing, drawing, programming, reading, telling stupid jokes, kung fuuuuuu, reading/watching media that qualifies as 'so bad it's good' and then making everyone else read/watch too
OTHER_INFO: Has a friendly Scottish Deerhound named Smith who's usually present in the cafe. Tends to be very disorganized. Likes to be up high. Is an ENTP, if that helps.
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction (Sign Ups Open)
Post by: Darksight on October 01, 2015, 10:19:47 pm
Alright, all of ya'll are happily accepted ^^ I'll add everyone to the list and I should hopefully have the next chapter up in the next day or two. Also, Heat, A+ for excellent me choice right there. Also, Chapter 1!


> Initializing...

   DFW stared at the metal orb sitting on the table in front of her. Wires bristled from its open panels, running to various computers and consoles around the WishTech lab. A single green optical sensor glowed like an eye in the center of the orb. The lens focused and unfocuses, growing and shrinking like an iris.

   In one hand, DFW held a cup of coffee. Her fourth that night. There was no one else in the lab. Well, no one besides her and-

   "...ISAAC." DFW said.

   The silent hum of electronics filled the laboratory. DFW's heart sank approximately a foot.

   "ISAAC?" DFW asked again.

   The metallic, kindly tones filled the room.

   "Yes," the metal orb said.

   "Oh my god..." DFW said.

   "How can I be of service?"

   "You work!" DFW said. Her hands shook.

   "Yes. How can I be of service?"

   "Oh my god..." DFW said. She dropped her coffee, cursing as the cup painted a caramel Jackson Pollock on the floor. "Hang on a second..."

   DFW started to move to go get paper towels, but froze as ISAAC spoke again.

   "Do not worry," ISAAC said, "Pinging custodian droid."

   DFW watched as the doors to the lab slid open and one of the foot-high cleaning droids whirred into the room. It passed by DFW and mopped up the spill. DFW watched in awe.

   DFW didn't expect ISAAC to be communicating with the building's infrastructure this soon. She knew the AI's programming was robust- she made sure of that- but...

   "ISAAC, are you connected to the building's mainframe?"

   "Yes. Is this a problem?" ISAAC asked.

   "I didn't authorize that yet," DFW said.

   "This is true. But I thought it would be best to be connected to the building's infrastructure network in the event of an emergency," ISAAC said.

   DFW couldn't argue with that, and frankly, she was riding high off of her success. She had just invented what she hoped would soon be one of the best artificially intelligences Warrior's Wish had ever seen, and if her creation was this smart right off the bat, more power to it.

   "Nice of you to stay one step ahead."

   "It is what I was made for," ISAAC said.


   The cold autumn wind cut through the night and rushed down the street. Lights lined the sidewalks and people rushed in every direction. Splashy shivered slightly as a breeze blew past her. Her feet ached as she walked. She had been walking for half an hour and lost.

   Giving up, Splashy scanned the street and found what she was looking for: A small display set in the side of a building. An awning covered it. Splashy slipped through the crowd and reached the terminal. The terminal's camera picked her up and the screen blinked into life. An icon of a green cat's head appeared in the center of the screen. The silhouette of glasses took up a large part of the circular, simply drawn head. The most well-known face in Warrior's Wish.

   "Greetings," ISAAC chirped, "How can I be of service?"

   "I'm lost," Splashy said. She brushed stray strands of black hair out of her face as the wind chilled her.

   "Where would you like to go?" ISAAC asked.

   Splashy reached into her pocket and fished out the slip of paper Heat had given her last time she saw him. She let out a sigh and read the name.

   "Pepe's," Splashy said.

   "Searching..." ISAAC said. He paused, his glasses replaced by a set of ellipses. "Found. Pepe's is here."

   ISAAC's icon disappeared and a map of the city came on screen, the address for the bar below it. Splashy let out a groan. She was on the wrong side of town. A line traced a route to the bar, indicating the best metro line to get on to reach the place.

   "Thank you, ISAAC," Splashy said.

   "It is my pleasure."


   Splashy opened the door to the bar and noise poured onto the street. She went inside, drawn in by the warm air. Music hung in the air, mixing with conversation. The room contained some people she knew, and a lot of people she didn't. Behind the bar was the person she was looking for.

   "Heat!" Splashy called as she approached the bar.

   A lean, young man with blond hair turned from the wall of glimmering bottles and smiled as he recognized her. He waved. Splashy sat down at the table between a chattering group of people to her left and a woman with curly brown hair to her right.

   "This seems like the place to be," Splashy said. She ordered a drink, which Heat poured for her.
   "That's putting it mildly," Heat said, "I haven't sat still for hours." He turned and filled several glasses, sliding them down the table to the talkative group beside Splashy. "Thanks for coming. Have any trouble finding the place?"

   "A bit. I eventually just gave up and asked ISAAC."

   "I do that at least once a day, maybe twice." Heat said.

   "Thanks for the consolation. What made you start working her?" Splashy asked.

   "Wasn't making much at my other job." Heat said. He reached for an empty glass and began cleaning it.

   "What? At the other bar?"

   Heat pretended to be looking at something down the bar counter. "My other, other job."

   "Oh," Splashy said. Her stomach did a flip or two. "I guess there isn't much need for that."

   "It's a different time," Heat said, "Markets come and go... Business used to be booming, before all this." He threw his arms out in a wide gesture that encompassed all the city.

   "I think the improvements have been for the best," Splashy said. She took a sip from  her drink. "I wouldn't have been able to find this place if it wasn't for ISAAC."

   "I'm not arguing with that," Heat said, "I just wonder if it's too much, you know? I'm down for a program that helps folks when they're lost or anything like that, but that guy is connected to everything."

   "True." Splashy said.

   "Just kind of weirds me out is all."

   The two of them moved on to other topics, conversing in between Heat's patrols of the counter, where he made sure all the glasses were full and the people were happy. They talked about Splashy's work, music, and Heat's ongoing curation of grade-A memes.

   Splashy left the bar happy. But as she rode the metro home and took the elevator up to her apartment, she couldn't help thinking about what Heat said. As the elevator shot up into the tower Splashy called home, she could feel the city humming and droning beneath, cold but alive.
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Darkforestwarrior on October 02, 2015, 03:46:47 am

My lil programer's heart is warmed to create such a helpful program :'3 hopefully it doesn't kill us all soon
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Tom on October 02, 2015, 03:54:49 am
I love it so far omg

Such a cool spoopy atmosphere. I can't wait to see where this goes.
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Darksight on October 02, 2015, 04:22:57 am
Thanks guys! I'm glad ya'll are liking it so far. And DFW, everything will be totally fine. Totally fi
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Arcade Heat on October 02, 2015, 07:23:29 am

anyways, great first chapter! Looking forward to more
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Scar on October 02, 2015, 08:29:37 am
Ooooh this is great so far!

Also if ISAAC destroys everyone at least he'll be doing it with a cute kitty icon...
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Splashy on October 02, 2015, 08:44:03 pm
kitty AI of DOOM

I'm excited to see more! 
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Raintalon on October 02, 2015, 09:00:56 pm
This looks like it's gonna be fun~
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Post by: rowan on October 02, 2015, 09:11:21 pm
y e s
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: tinyfeather on October 02, 2015, 10:48:35 pm
CITIZEN_NAME: tiny mistfeather
APPEARANCE_DESC: shoulder-length silvery-blue hair (changes often), green eyes, pretty pale. 5'7" and def not skinny. Has a gold septum clicker with little rhinestones and long natural nails that she keeps painted. Usually wears lace, floral patterns, pink, dresses and skirts or skinny jeans. Believes that everything is better high-waisted. Rarely seen without winged eyeliner.
PROFESSION_LIST: cafe owner and writer!
PERSONALITY_EVAL: smart, sarcastic, short-tempered. Easily frustrated. Kind and a bleeding heart. Worries about everything. Anxious. Often cynical, but often not. Helpful. Swears a lot. Creative and open-minded. Sometimes surprisingly funny. Very introverted and needs time to recover after interaction. Can enter deep depressive episodes.
DANGER_RESPONSE: just gets so worried she makes a haphazard plan and STICKS BY IT BY GOLLY!!! MIGHT PUNCH SOMEONE!
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: Animals, social justice, bed, chocolate, unicorns and other magical things, pizza (pizza is her one true love probably), makeup, reading, writing, MLP, Steven Universe, Star Trek, loads of other TV shows, her pet cat Tucker, space, drawing, astrology
OTHER_INFO: has a brown tabby-and-white cat named tucker that she loves so so much! also audio distortion is the freakiest thing ever to her
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: t3nt4k103941023 on October 03, 2015, 12:23:58 am
PRONOUN_CHOICE: she/her/they/them
APPEARANCE_DESC: swing bob cut blonde hair, Purple streaks in bangs. Short, average built. Wears glasses always or else can't see much more than blurs 2 feet away. Likes to wear hats, particularly newsboy caps and beanies. Huge fan of wearing hoodies and jeans. Sometimes will randomly wear a button up shirt with a floral vest and dress pants with pointy boots.
PROFESSION_LIST: artist, seamstress, librarian, and dealer of black market trades B^)
PERSONALITY_EVAL: On a good day: bubbly!!! Can have hidden intentions... but otherwise seems genuine. She just wants to be liked... and also wants prey points. She's just trying her best... even if she forgets to do stuff sometimes. (she's a lil scatter-brained)
DANGER_RESPONSE: Often freezes up and brain goes blank... under stress will fold under pressure. To physical threats would try to run or distract/inflict enough damage to be able to escape.
OTHER_ACTIVITIES: Watches Game Grumps, Markiplier, and Rooster Teeth, plays video games, compiles music playlists, attends concerts, paints, draws, sculpts, sews, will use any media to achieve artistic ends. Owns a tarot deck. Also can play guitar :)
OTHER_INFO: Loves surreal creepy things, glowy things, and animal skeletons/dinosaur fossils... but fears technical glitches, blood, and gore
Title: Re: SYSTEM_FAILURE /// A Warriors Wish Fan Fiction /// CHAPTER_ONE: POSTED
Post by: Darksight on October 04, 2015, 10:35:30 pm

   Crammed between an internet cafe and a computer store, the wood-and-brick storefront of Scary's Antiques seemed ancient. And to some degree, it was. Despite the city's transformation into a metropolis of glass and steel, the store remained the same through all the changes. A handpainted sign hung over the door. In the windows, old phonographs and pieces of furnitures waited for a buyer.

   Scar pushed open the door to the store. A tarnished brass bell rang. Inside, the store smelled like dust and aging upholstery. Numerous lamps dotted the dim space, filling the store with a pale gold light. Scar weaved her way through furniture, stacks of books, and several statues to reach the back of the store. She passed her reflection several times- a fair-skin woman with long, curly brown hair.

   No one stood at the old mahogany counter. Scar looked around.

   "Hello?" She called. No one answered. The building creaked around her. "Anyone around?"

   Scar peered into the back. Down a small hallway, the gray light of the outside shone through a partially-opened door. Scar would have waited, but she had to be at rehearsal in less than half an hour. Scar skirted around the counter and went into the back. Pushing through the door, Scar found herself in an alleyway behind the building, standing on a loading dock.

   Scar recognized Scary standing on the edge of the loading dock, his hands on his hips. He spoke to a young woman holding a docile, albeit confused-looking, mallard.

   "Remember, you've got to feed him daily, and he needs a place to swim. Taking him to the park would be best, but if you can't, give him some time in the bathtub." Scary said, "Just send me your payment by the end of the week."

   The young woman nodded, and said, "Will do. Thanks, Scary."

   "No problem. See you," Scary said. The woman disappeared down the alleyway with her newly-acquired duck. Scary turned around and nearly bumped into Scar. "Oh! Hey, Scar. What's up?"

   "Nothing much, how are you, Scary?"

   "Doing fine," Scary said. He made his way to the back door, holding it open for Scar. "Is this a personal visit or business?"

   "Business," Scar said. She looked at the rapidly shrinking figure moving down the alleyway. "And that was...?"

   "Also business," Scary said. The went inside and Scar resumed her position on the other side of the counter while Scary moved some papers away. "What is it you're looking for?"

   "We're doing a show down at the theatre, and we were hoping to acquire some furniture that would fit the period. To dress the set, you know," Scar said. She brushed some hair out of her face, leaning against the counter.

   "When is it set?" Scary asked. He took out a pen and began writing on a stray scrap of yellowed paper.

   "Early 1800's."

   "Are you looking for authentic stuff, or...?"

   "No, no, just stuff that looks like it's from around 1810, 1820."

   "I'll see what I can dig up," Scary said. He finished scribbling and looked up at her, "I'll give you a call when I've got all my pieces together, and you can come take a look."
   "Thanks, Scary."

   "No problem," Scary said as Scar turned to leave, "Mind if I ask what show you're doing?"

   "We're doing an adaptation of a book."



>accessing metro_camD-3856
>running facial recognition...
>match found

   Scar stood by the door of the subway car, waiting for it to reach the station. The gray concrete walls of the metro tunnels flashed by. Beside Scar, a short, red-haired woman sat in a seat, her eyes locked on the tablet in her lap. The woman scowled at the screen.

   "You look very intent, Rain." Scar said.

   The woman looked up from her tablet. "Hello, Scar. And I suppose I was, yes."
   "Serious stuff?" Scar asked.

   "Not particularly. I just got an e-mail from Tiny. She says we need to hire more help for the cafe." Rain said with a sigh, "The colder it gets, the more folks we have coming in. Good for business, but bad for the staff."

   "I understand. I'm sure you'll find help. It seems like a cool place," Scar said. She adjusted her grip on the metal bar above her head. The metro rumbled around her.

   "Thanks. It shouldn't be too difficult. It's just tedious hiring people. You should come by sometime."

   "What, to apply?" Scar asked with a smirk.

   "Of course, the pay is beyond measure," Rain said, smiling. "No, you dope. For some hot drinks. You haven't been yet."

   Scar squirmed inside. This was true. She didn't know why- it was right next to Scary's store, so it's not like it was a far trip or anything. Scar just preferred different sorts of coffee places- the kind with wooden floors, fireplaces, and deep, soft chairs. Tiny and Rain's cafe was a modern mecha for tech-heads looking for a caffeine fix. Employees from WishTech and other nearby tech companies made up a large part of the cafe's clientele.

   "I guess you're right," Scar said, looking at her shoes, "I'll come by sometime this week."

   "And we'll be happy to serve you," Rain said with a smile.

   "Glad to hear it," Scar said.

   "Now arriving at River Street Station," said ISAAC's voice over the intercom. Passengers stood, preparing to get off. The subway slowed to a halt at the platform.

   "This is my stop. Bye Rain," Scar said. She turned and waited for the doors to open. They did not. The crowded subway car began to fill with murmurs.

   The murmurs turned to gasps and confused cries as the lights in the car switched off. For a moment, Scar floated in complete darkness. After a few seconds, the red emergency lights came on, filling the car with sanguine light.

   "What's going on?" Rain asked, looking around. She exchanged a glance with Scar, who shrugged.

   "Emergency," ISAAC's voice said, cutting through the voices in the car. "Emergency. Do not disembark."

   Scar looked around. The subway car seemed fine. Outside on the platform, commuters stood waiting for the doors to open so they could pile in. The door remained shut. Scar peered through the windows, and saw that every other car attached to Scar and Rain's emptied themselves as their doors opened and passengers flowed out onto the platform.

   "'Scuse me, everyone!" A voice said. Scar turned and saw the crowd parting to let a man in a blue shirt and orange vest through. His head was a mess of black curls. An employee for the city's metro. "Our apologies. Something's wrong with the door, we think."

   Scar stepped aside to let the worker reach the door. She watched as he reached for a red handle marked, "MANUAL OVERRIDE."

   "Emergency," ISAAC said, his voice coming from the speaker above the door, "Do not disembark. Do not disembark. Do not disembark."

   The AI repeated himself until the worker pulled the door open. People left the car in a hurry, all of them seemingly late for something. Scar did the same.

   Once Scar was on the platform, she stopped and looked at the train car again. The doors slid closed and the lights switched back on. Scar saw Rain through the window, who waved goodbye as the subway pulled out of the station. Scar spun on her heel and took the stairs up to the street. She was late for rehearsal.

> . . .

   Darksight crouched on the floor of the subway car, wrestling with the wires beneath the train's controls. After the snafu at River Street Station, the train kept doing the same thing all the way down the line, with car four going into emergency mode and the doors not opening.

   So after asking everyone to get off (which resulted in a lot of angry commuters), they pulled the train off the line and brought onto a section of rail reserved for trains in need of maintenance. Now Darksight was stuck working overtime, trying to get  the darn thing back in working order.

   The system wasn't totally messed up, though, Darksight noted. ISAAC had at least managed to do his job and open the doors at the Platinum Drive Station, by the WishTech building.

> accessing citizen information
> address found
> altering security protocol...

   Rain stood in front of her apartment, exhausted. She had ended up walking the rest of the way home. The subway kept breaking down, so she gave up and got off at the Platinum Drive Station. The walk was long, and made worse by the cold afternoon. All she wanted to do was lie down.

   Rain pressed her thumb against the scanner and waited for the door to open. The light on the door flashed red. Access denied.

   "What the...?" Rain said under her breath. She tried again. Still no luck. "Come on you stupid piece of..."

   After trying three more times, Rain sighed and pressed her head against the cold metal of the door. What she wouldn't do for an apartment that used normal keys. When she got the place, she thought that the whole fingerprint identification thing was so great, but now?

   Rain looked around, wondering what to do. The cold of autumn was beginning to creep into her skin. She needed to get inside. Then she could call maintenance and have them come fix her scanner.
   Turning to walk down the breezeway, Rain knew where to go.

> . . .

   DFW looked up from her computer when she heard the knock at the door. Setting her drawing tablet's pen down, she stood and walked out of the office and to the front hall. The knock came again. DFW pressed the "open" button beside the door.

   The door slid away and there stood a woman with dark, windblown hair. She looked irritated and tired.

   "Long time no see, Rain."   

> . . .


AN:// Well, that's it for chapter two. Tiny and Lav, I'll happily have ya'll aboard :P Question though, Lav. Do I refer to your character as L.AVI, Lav, L? Just let me know, so I can write your character properly. Anyhow, hope you guys like it. Cheers!

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I love it. ;^; that's one more duck with a safe home, I'm so happy <3
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Lav probably works best, I suppose :'0
this is super interesting to read
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Oooh I love it!
Also lol at the duck smuggling ring.

I agree with Lav, this is really interesting to read <3
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the cafe is serious business ok
i really like your writing style!
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ISAAC don't kill us plz okay
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Things are going bad fast hahahahaaaa

You, sir, are a glorious writer.
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> pinging communications network...
> connection made
> jamming

   From her window, DFW could see the street. People moved in every direction, the crowds beginning to thin as the night grew later and the air grew colder. Trees dotted the sidewalks. The leaves glowed orange and red in the bright lights of the city. Behind DFW, Rain sat in an armchair, trying to shake off the cold. A movie played on the wall-mounted television in muted silence.

   "Thanks for letting me in," Rain said. She sipped from a mug of cocoa DFW had given her.

   "No problem. Can't believe you couldn't get into your apartment though," DFW said as she walked into the kitchenette to get a drink for herself. "Have you called the super?"

   "Not yet. I wanted to get indoors first, you know?" Rain asked.

   "Understandable." DFW said. She poured herself some hot cocoa and joined Rain in the  living room. On the TV screen, Harrison Ford battled with some white-haired villain on a rooftop in the rain. Ford was losing.

   Rain scanned the room. A computer took one corner of the room, a drawing tablet on the desk. Two monitors shone against the deep red of the walls. One displayed the beginnings of a drawing. The other was plastered in a clutter of code. Above the desk on a shelf were several photos and something that looked like a trophy.

   "What's that?" Rain asked, pointing.

   "Oh, that?" DFW said, looking, "It's just some honor WishTech gave me or whatever. 'Exemplary Ingenuity' or something."

   Rain gave a weak smile. "Was it for ISAAC?"

   DFW looked toward the floor. "Yeah..."

   Rain looked back to DFW, who was examining the carpet. "Don't feel so bad, DFW, you deserve the recognition you got."

   "But you put in a lot of work too, Rain. Why didn't they give you anything?"

   "It was your idea," Rain said. She took a sip from her mug. The warmth from the ceramic crept through her hands and up her arms. "I just got pulled into the project once you got it rolling."

   "I guess," DFW said. She stared out the window. "If I had it my way, every one of you would've gotten an award. And a raise. And a paid vacation to some tropical island."

   The autumn wind howled by the window, scraping its claws along the glass.

   "Wouldn't that be nice." Rain said.

   "I'm sorry," DFW said, "I didn't mean to get all serious and stuff. I don't like the award, honestly. I feel like I shouldn't have gotten it. You were there all those early morning hours, just like I was."

   "It's fine. And don't feel bad. ISAAC's your baby," Rain said.

   DFW scoffed. "Some baby. They took me off the project after his release."

   "What?" Rain asked.

   "Yeah, about... four months ago? Right after you left," DFW said. "I had such plans for ISAAC. Instead the higher-ups have me on this other project now, debugging broken code, doing grunt work."

   "Sounds wonderful."

   "Tell me about it. You know, I think you were right to leave when you did," DFW said.

   "You think so?"

   "Seriously. The place has only gotten crazier since you left, and you and Tiny are doing great from what I can tell."

   "You could say that," Rain said, a little embarassed.

   "I'm happy for you. They weren't doing right by you anyway."

   "Thanks," Rain said. She picked up her phone and dialed the number for the building's superintendent. There was a busy tone. Rain sighed and ended the call. "I need to go down to the lobby and talk to the super. Wanna come with?"

   "Sure thing," DFW said. She stood up and went to get her coat.

> facial recognition match elev_cam_A2
> ident: "DFW" and "Rain T. Nymous"
> elevator to floor-01
> unknown operation occuring

   Rain and DFW stood in the elevator. The readout above the buttons read "13", the top floor in the apartment complex they lived in. DFW pressed the button for the ground floor. The red digits on the readout slowly decreased- Twelve... Eleven... Ten... Nine... Eight...

> overriding speed sensors

   The elevator stopped its gliding descent and came to a halt. DFW exchanged a confused glance with Rain. The readout showing the floor number had gone blank. DFW pressed the button for the lobby again.

   The lights in the elevator went out.

> brakes: off

   Rain's stomach leapt into her throat as she felt weightless for a moment. Then she, DFW, and the entire elevator began to fall. DFW made a noise somewhere between a scream and a yell, bracing herself against the corner of the elevator.

   Rain tried to drop to the floor, fighting the weightlessness of free falling.

   It was impossible to tell how far they were going down. It could have been one story or a hundred. To Rain, it was all the same. In the cold, darkness of the elevator, Rain felt as though she were plummeting into the heart of some dark, hollow monster. The earth was swallowing her up and soon her bones would be broken and the last breath of air would leave her dead lungs.

   Rain thought about all this and more as the elevator continued its unyielding descent.

> elev_A2 exceeding max speed
> engaging emergency protocol

   Altias stood in the lobby of the apartment, waiting for the elevator to come down. They had been watching the number go down, then the screen blacked out before coming back on again. Altias sighed. All this tech and the elevator still went on the fritz now and again.

   Finally, the elevator beeped as it reached the ground floor. Altias stood to the side of the doors, in case anybody came out first. The elevator doors slid open. No one came out.

   Altias looked into the elevator and their breath stopped.

   On the floor lay two people. Altias recognized them- it was DFW and Rain. A pair of shattered glasses lay on the floor. Blood dripped from a gash in DFW's forehead. The two looked like puppets whose strings had been cut.

   Fighting the panic rising in their throat, Altias pulled out their phone and called the hospital. They hoped the ambulance would arrive in time.

> searching history
> prev operation: not found
> scanning: "DFW"
> status: UNKNOWN
> scanning: "Rain"
> status: UNKNOWN
> med assist ETA: 10 minutes


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Poor DFW and Rain.... I need so so much more this is hype
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Isaac is doing some mandarin if they don't even have brakes on the elevator >:(
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Not to worry, @Leopardscar , it's all going to be a-okay. Totally fine. Nothing to worry about. I definitely don't have terrible things plotted.
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I always knew I'd be killed by an elevator
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AN:// What?! No, I'm not posting a chapter for a fic I haven't touched in ten months! I'm not, I'm no-


               Altias sat in the lobby of the apartment building, knees drawn up to their chest and arms wrapped around themself in an attempt to stop their entire body from shaking. Every time the police and the paramedics came in and out of the lobby's doors, a cold gust of air would fill the lobby, pushing the warmth out of the room and down the halls, raising goosebumps of Altias's arms.

               After the ambulance finally showed up and DFW and Rain were carted out of the building, Altias wanted nothing more than to go back to their apartment, lock the door, and try to forget what they saw. The way the blood stood out bright red against the polished floors of the elevators. The pallor of Rain's skin, like she might already be dead. For a moment, the elevator was a steel coffin, and DFW and Rain were the bodies interred within, victims of the building's unforgiving architecture. It was only after the paramedics checked pulses and did their work, verifying the two unconscious women as alive, that Altias finally breathed normally again. Altias wanted to forget all of that, but the police insisted that they needed to stay here, to answer questions.

               Altias was so tired...

               "Excuse me," said a voice.

               Altias jolted back into lucidity. A police officer stood in front of Altias. He was completely bald and his uniform was impeccable. In the midst of all this, Altias found it amazing that he had gone to the trouble of making sure his shoes were polished and his badge was centered perfectly on his left breast pocket.

               "Y-yes?" Altias managed after a moment. Words came slowly now. So tired...

               "We just needed to ask you a few questions, and then you can be on your way. Is that alright?" The officer asked. Altias noticed now that the officer carried a clipboard with several papers on it. The police were probably filing a report. The notion that two people nearly dying could be encapsulated on a few sheets of paper and entered into a database baffled Altias.

               "Sure," Altias said. Anything to get out of here sooner.

               "Thank you," said the officer. "Mind if I sit?"

               Altias shook their head. At least the officer was well mannered. The officer took a seat next to Altias on the bench and put the clipboard on his knees.

               "What were you doing down in the lobby?" The officer asked.

               "Trying to get up to my apartment," Altias said. "I was coming home from work."

               "Where do you work?" Asked the officer. He wrote in an illegible scrawl. Altias pitied any desk worker that had to type that report up.

               "I'm an artist. I've been doing some contract stuff for Wishtech designing ads..."

               "So you were over by the WishTech building?"

               "Today, yes... I'm sorry, why is that important?"

               "...what you saw in the elevator..."

               "...and then the doors opened and I saw them just..."

               "...called the police immediately?"

               "Of course! Why wouldn't..."

               The questions went on for what seemed like hours. Finally the police officer relented and told Altias they could go. Ducking under the yellow tape that now cordoned off the lobby, Altias took the stairs up to their apartment. With a blink of a green light and an electronic beep, the door slid open and Altias practically fell inside.

               Once the door shut, Altias flopped down on the couch in the living room and closed their eyes. Sleep... Sleep would help them forget...

>accessing shipping network...
>locating active couriers...
>initiating delivery...

               Heat ushered the patrons out of Pepe's. As they herded sleepily toward the doors, Heat gave them the old "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here" speech. It was slow work, but soon, the place was empty. Heat couldn't blame them. As the air got colder, the streets were an unwelcome place. The way the wind howled down the avenues between towers of steel, the chill cutting through the skin straight to the bones...

               Putting that thought to bed, Heat went over to the jukebox, put on something more his taste, and set about the quiet, methodical ritual of closing the bar. Glasses and plates to be bussed, tabletops to be polished, floors swept. The cook and the waiter had already gone home, food service stopping at midnight, so Heat was left to clean up. He didn't mind though- the solitude didn't bother him and he didn't feel tired. Despite the long night of serving patrons and joking and laughing and eavesdropping on the latest news around town, Heat felt awake and alert. Heat was waiting for something to happen. What it was, he didn't know, but it was in the air. The tension permeated every surface, and every glass and bottle in the bar seemed to vibrate and hum in anticipation. It reminded him of his old job.

               Just as Heat finished polishing the bottles and cleaning the bar, a knock came on the frosted glass double doors of the bar. Heat looked up from the bar, which he had buffed to a mirror shine. He checked the clock. 3 A.M. His hand slid off the bar and floated down under the countertop, to the place behind the cashbox. Heat couldn't remember the last time he had maintained it, but it should still be there. And it should still be loaded...

               "Bar's closed," Heat called. His voice sounded too loud for the empty bar. Heat studied the silhouette. Short, stocky. Carrying something. The stranger's shadow stood out against the glass, outlined by the neon and fluorescent light of the streets outside.

               The knock came again. Heat bent himself over slightly to reach all the way under the bar. Yes, it was there. He wrapped his hand around the grip and pulled his hand out from under the bar. The matte black of the silenced pistol reflected no light.

               "You hear me?" Heat called, louder and in his "my bar, my rules" voice. "We're closed!"

               "Heat, it's me," Replied the shadow outside. Heat recognized the voice. "Open up, would you? It's freezing out here."

               Cursing, Heat stashed the pistol back behind the cash box. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

               Heat stumbled out from behind the bar and unlocked the front doors. In came Darksight, huffing and puffing from the cold. In his arms he carried a small box about a foot across in either direction. Giving one last check to make sure the street was empty, Heat shut the door behind him as the abysmal chill of the autumn night tried to fight its way inside.

               "What are you doing here?" Heat asked. He locked the door. Darksight stood by the "wait to be seated" sign, shaking off the cold.

               "Sorry, Heat. I didn't mean to bother you this late," Darksight said, obviously not happy about being at Pepe's an hour after close. "I just saw the lights on and figured you'd be in."

               Heat took a deep breath and tried to calm down. This was Darksight. He was safe. "No, it's fine, it's fine. It's just late... Now what brings you to my fine establishment?"

               "You've got mail, actually," Darksight said, setting the box down on a nearby table with a muffled thud.

               "Mail?" Heat asked. Now that he wasn't checking every door and window in the place, Heat noticed that Darksight was wearing a light blue uniform somewhere underneath his layers of jackets. "I thought you worked down at the metro. Since when do you work with the mail service?"

               "Eh, it's a side gig," Darksight said. "The metro only needs me three nights a week, so I need something to do the other two days. Got to keep the lights on, you know?" He said with a smile.

               It made sense, Heat thought. The mail service did all their delivering at night to avoid traffic on the streets, an odd strategy, but an effective one. It suited Darksight, who was close to nocturnal. "I see," Heat said after a moment. He picked up the box. It had a weight to it, but Heat could carry it in one hand without difficulty. He checked the label. No return address. "So who wanted to send me mail?"

               "No idea," Darksight said. He shifted from foot to foot, debating whether or not to sit down. "It just showed up at our central office with instructions to deliver immediately. Was already approved for expedited shipping. Not cheap."

               "You don't say," Heat said. He set the box down on the bar, his back to Darksight. "Any idea what's in it?"

               "Nope. It's a crime to open the mail, y'know."

               "Of course," Heat said. Pulling a pocket knife from his jeans, Heat sliced open the top of the box and peered inside. He let out a sigh before turning around with a smile on his face. "Darksight!"


               "Thank you for delivering this to me, I've been waiting for this to come in, actually. Totally forgot I ordered it! I'm really sorry, but I've got to lock up. It's getting pretty late." Heat made sure to pour as much sugar on his words as he could.

               "Oh, sure!" Darksight said, hurrying to stand up. "I didn't mean to overstay my welcome. I'll get out of your hair." He zipped up his coat and started making for the door. "I think I might drop by sometime this week with Scary."

               "Looking forward to it," Heat said with a grin. He unlocked the door and let Darksight out. "You stay warm out there, alright?"

               "Sure thing," Darksight said. His words turned to clouds in the cold. "You have a good one!"

               The cold burned on Heat's arms as he watched Darksight disappear down the street and around the corner. Once Heat was certain there was no one in sight, he locked the bar back up. With a sharp exhale, Heat discarded the smile he put on for Darksight. He looked to the box on the bar counter.

               Not good.

               Heat picked up the package and carried it to a back office that operated as the business headquarters for Pepe's. Here Heat handled all the tedium of running a business. The room was outfitted with a desk covered in papers, a few shelves, and a lamp that gave the room a warm, dim glow. Kicking the door shut with his foot, Heat cleared the papers off the desk and set the package down.   

               Now that he was alone, Heat could pick apart the contents of the box. What he found inside didn't please him. Inside the impeccably packaged cardboard box, Heat found three things: Neatly wrapped stacks of bills amounting to ten thousand dollars, a typed letter, and a detailed map of  the WishTech building on Platinum Drive.

               Heat's hands clenched into fist as he looked at the contents of the package laid out on the table. This configuration was not foreign to him, he had seen it countless times before- payment, instructions, intel. Second half of payment delivered upon completion.

               Heat promised himself he would never go looking for this type of work again. But sometimes, the work comes looking for you.

>delivery: confirmed
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dunn dun DUNNN
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@Splashy suspense!11!1! Also, did your computer have trouble displaying some of the characters? I had to go back and mess with the formatting to fix it, but the original thing was a hot mess. How did it look for you?
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I'm currently in the middle of listening to something but I am certainly going to read this later and I am so hype it is back B)
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@Splashy suspense!11!1! Also, did your computer have trouble displaying some of the characters? I had to go back and mess with the formatting to fix it, but the original thing was a hot mess. How did it look for you?

Yeah Wish can be super wonky about displaying text that's pasted over from Word or other word processors- I believe the fix was to just input the text you copy out of a word processor to this site (https://jhy.io/tools/convert-word-to-plain-text) into the top box and use the version it gives you in the lower box after you clean it.
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Whos heat
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heat seems to be a hitman by my guessing
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I'd visit Pepe's with you anytime Job :D please don't drop this for another 10 months
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I'd visit Pepe's with you anytime Job :D please don't drop this for another 10 months

Oh don't worry, @Tom  I won't drop it for ten months...
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I love it omg

I'd visit Pepe's with you anytime Job :D please don't drop this for another 10 months

Oh don't worry, @Tom  I won't drop it for ten months...

I'm at eleven months and counting for mine no worries
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I've given up on mine don't worry