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Games / Re: Post the Last Thing You Ate
« Last post by Heron on December 01, 2021, 12:51:26 am »
Updates / Re: Ww Nostalgia Trip
« Last post by Lightning on August 11, 2021, 04:03:48 pm »
Hello!!! I'm thrilled to be reading this, even if it's a little late. =O
Updates / Ww Nostalgia Trip
« Last post by Darkstar on August 05, 2021, 02:56:01 pm »
Hey Wishers! It's been a (long) while since these forums have been touched by our paws (?), but I think it's time for a nostalgic revival. This version of the forums will not close in favor of a v6, but registration and viewing here will re-open shortly.

Welcome back!
Random Babble / Re: General Chat Thread
« Last post by Splashy on April 17, 2021, 02:09:34 pm »
omg ww is back
Random Babble / Re: General Chat Thread
« Last post by shadeflight on November 19, 2020, 02:39:27 pm »
Have you guys heard of Phoenix? It's a newer third-party developer re-creating AIM. Whoever's in Ww's discord, I'm sure most in there would love to see this. The website is . It'll say it's an unsafe webpage, but that's just because it isn't using the https:// thing to encrypt all its data. So if you sign up for it you should use a unique password, but I haven't had any issues with it regardless. I just now got the 5.0 version to work and it definitely has the right atmosphere that AIM had.
Shipping Names / Re: Ships without names
« Last post by PinkheartII on November 09, 2020, 08:08:15 pm »
Wow, a lot of my favourites are on this list! No idea if anyone is still here, but I'll post anyway. My ideas...

Blossomfall/Foxleap - Fightershipping: Bonded over their sharp fighting skills

Brightheart/Millie - Dedicationshipping: Both are devoted mates and mothers

Cody/Leafpaw - Cageshipping: They met when twolegs captured them alongside many other cats

Dappletail/Stormtail - Shattershipping: Stormtail had to shatter his former relationship to be with her

Darkstripe/Longtail - Pressureshipping: Darkstripe used his mentorship and resulting sense of seniority to pressure Longtail into a lot of unsavory choices

Dovepaw/Tigerheart - Officeshipping: Their relationship is the Warriors equivalent of Ryan and Kelly from The Office.

Dovewing/Bumblestripe - Stalkershipping: Bumble was creepily persistent with his advances

Flametail/Ivypaw - Iceshipping: Both have sharp blue eyes. Also, Flametail drowned after falling through ice, and they're main interaction happened in the Dark Forest, a cold place both literally and metaphorically.

Graystripe/Sandstorm - Squadshipping: They're Firestar's best friends/potential love interests in all of ThunderClan

Hailstar/Fallowtail - Warshipping: Hailstar was willing to start a war over custody of her kits to make her happy

Hawkfrost/Feathertail - Traumashipping: Feathertail's trauma with Tigerstar prevents her from letting Hawkfrost get close

Ivypaw/Bumblestripe - Greyshipping: Both are grey tabbies (hey, at least I tried, lol)

Jayfeather/Briarlight (I believe I suggested this one in another thread, but here goes anyway) Healshipping: Jayfeather helps Briarlight heal and come to terms with life as a paraplegic, and she gives him the emotional support he needs.

Jayfeather/Brightspirit - Silvershipping: Brightspirit always encouraged Jayfeather, trying to get him to see the silver lining in any situation

Leopardstar/Stonefur - Sacrficeshipping: Leopardstar was willing to sacrifice her deputy in order to protect her pride

Lionheart/Frostfur - Humidshipping: Frost, in a lion's natural habitat, would melt and dissolve into humid air pretty quickly

Longtail/Spottedleaf - Oppositeshipping: They're personalities are polar opposites

Millie/Barley - Gentlemanshipping: Barley was very polite to Millie during their stay at the barn

Millie/Diesel - Surfershipping: Diesel embodies the stereotypical surfer dude attitude, and he lives close to the sea. He, too, is very friendly to Millie, and she is in turn.

Moonflower/Stormtail - Abandonshipping: Stormtail abandoned her

Patchfoot/Clovertail - Looseshipping: Never shown to be romantically involved after they've had kits, they could have just had a one time thing.

Rippletail/Petalfur - Questshipping: They went on the quest to the beaver dam together, and Petalfur had to tragically leave him behind in the end.

Smudge/Princess - Cozyshipping: They've known each other for a long time and a mutual interest through Firestar, also a long time friend to both of them, creating a safe familiarity to their relationship. They are also kittypets, who live comfortable lives with their housefolk.

Random Babble / Re: General Chat Thread
« Last post by Lightning on August 22, 2020, 11:35:10 pm »
I am a very forgetful human being, but sometimes I still like to pop in here and see if anyone's posted.
Random Babble / Re: General Chat Thread
« Last post by Splashy on July 26, 2020, 10:12:58 pm »
Me too, Splashy. I've been coming on randomly more often lately just because with being stuck at home, that nostalgia hits a lot more often now lol

Yeah I feel that-- I remember sitting in this same room as a young kid on here just writing nonsense on the dragcave forum or the WW fanfic forums. throwback to those easier times in my life!
Random Babble / Re: General Chat Thread
« Last post by shadeflight on June 01, 2020, 09:40:23 am »
Me too, Splashy. I've been coming on randomly more often lately just because with being stuck at home, that nostalgia hits a lot more often now lol
Random Babble / Re: Ww Discord chat
« Last post by moss on May 23, 2020, 07:55:04 pm »
bump lol join pls
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