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Author Topic: wish rising [chapter two posted][sign-ups open]  (Read 5001 times)

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Re: wish rising [chapter two posted][sign-ups open]
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Re: wish rising [chapter two posted][sign-ups open]
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I second the mandarin out of this
*sends positive vibes*

thanks vegas for the avatar, moss for the blinkie & darksight for the signature

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Re: wish rising [chapter two posted][sign-ups open]
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Name: Rain T. Nymous
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pale reddish hair that is cut in what amounts to a fairly unkempt pixie. Hazel eyes, fair skin (though she has a farmer's tan). About 5' 9'' and relatively lanky. Looks (and sounds) fairly androgynous; does not wear make-up ever and will fight anyone who tries to make her. Double-jointed thumbs.
Personality: Sometimes hardheaded and opinionated. If you get into an argument with her, she probably won't back off; however, she's fairly laid-back and non-combative if it's a subject she doesn't care too strongly about. Nice to just about everyone she meets and often excessively polite (saying thanks and stuff). Pretty smart and intuitive; creative. Can be protective of friends, or get into arguments with them whilst simultaneously trying to protect them. Sometimes oblivious. Is the kind of person who will often poke or literally lean on close friends. Says 'dude' way too much. Other than sometimes punching friends for being stupid, is more or less pacifistic. Hardly ever has a bad day, but when she does, she will snap at anyone who bothers her too much.
Weapon of Choice: A six-foot-long wooden staff, no decorations. Also a small dagger for stabby purposes. Is proficient enough at hand-to-hand combat if necessary.
Likes: BIRDS, cats, GRIFFINS, things under the fandoms section of my profile... Chicken Alfredo, bridies/pasties(the food), Haggis, General Tso's chicken, the sky, running, being around friends, wide-open spaces, wind, freedom.
Dislikes: Bad breath, the fact that some people think they're worthless, that moment when two groups are arguing and all you can do is facepalm because they're saying the same things about each other and about themselves as the other side and really have more in common than they think, ASPARAGUS, COCONUT, flesh-eating insects
Any pets?: I would like some combination (any or none) of the following: a large, fluffy female Maine Coon named Adelise (Lee for short), a male Scottish Deerhound named Smith, and a male crow named William.
Habits: Pushing hair to the side, drifting off into her own thoughts even in the middle of a conversation, subconsciously picking at scabs, popping any
joint she's able to (fingers, toes, arms, neck), half-dancing to music,
Other: Yeeee
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