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Golden-Steps // Warrior Cats RP
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Welcome to Golden-Steps!

Golden-Steps is a newly formed warrior cats roleplay centered around 3 clans - ThicketClan, CurrentClan and RigidClan - that have been within a golden age for many leaders and generations, even if it's about to fall between a rock and a hard place.

Recently, an unknown force has been slowly picking off clan cats, causing that sacred bond between the clans to slowly dwindle. Determined to find those responsible, leaders and their clans begin to turn against one another. Will everything truly begin to fall apart?

ThicketClan, the home of the of the social. Their warriors are jacks of all trade, being skilled in hunting and fighting in multiple terrains. They are head strong and egotistical, seeing themselves fit to help all cats. StarClan isn't as important in this clan as it may be to others. These cats are kind and welcoming.

CurrentClan, the home of the clever. These cats are quick, agile, and keen. Having the smallest amount of territory and the harshest living conditions, these cats are known for their shady activities.

RigidClan, the home of the innovative. RigidClan warriors are always careful to use any and all material they can, not wanting to allow a single thing to go to waste for any upcoming leaf-bare. They don't dare come to face the wrath of StarClan should it rain down upon them, and are fearful of the Dark Forest and what it holds.

Begin your journey today!

A golden age is a long period of time that has been peaceful, plentiful, and overall filled with prosperity.
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