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Re: Another Ww Fanfic - CHAPTER 7!
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lmao why not

Chapter Seven

It was dark. The streetlights and bright glares from windows lit Addeh's path as he walked down the street. He had left his apartment as soon as his alarm set for 9:15 went off. It was 9:17 now, and he could hear yelling and screaming in the distance. It had happened again; the time on his clock predicted events. His fist clenched the strap of his pink-and-purple striped backpack; he feared the worst.

He walked at a fast pace, trying to reach the source of the noises. He rounded the corner and Administration Hall was in front of him; a large crowd of people were surrounding the front of the building. On the building there was a flagpole, however, the Wish flag was not hung there; it was Puppet Blizz, a rope around her neck. The crowd was below her, screaming, throwing fruit and beer bottles at her. In front of the crowd was Finch, who was screaming various insults aimed at the Administration.

"You want to bow down to this? A puppet?! And the Modmins, who knew about this Puppet, and lied to our great community about it?" She raised her arms high in the air and the crowd cheered, yelled out various names of fruit, and threw more things at Puppet Blizz.

Addeh shook his head and wondered why Finch was acting in such a manner. The whole thing was ridiculous; of course he was upset about Puppet Blizz, as it was a huge betrayal of Wish's trust, however, this was absurd. That puppet was probably expensive. Not to mention, the Modmins would be fine leaders. Though this was one of the reasons Addeh was worried about Puppet Blizz in the first place -- if the Mods were such good leaders, why did they make the puppet? Why did they need it?

Besides the obvious anxiousness about Puppet Blizz, Finch was not typically like this. He didn't even know she could scream, and did she ever sleep? It seemed like any time of the day or night she could be found screaming about the Administration, usually guarded. Although, this night, Lavender wasn't right behind her. In fact, Addeh didn't see Lav at all.

He shook those thoughts away. He needed to focus on what mattered: this had happened at 9:15, as his clock predicted; his friends were in the old city; his closest friend was in jail. The riot happening was the perfect distraction. Police sirens were becoming audible, and Addeh knew this was his chance. He walked away, leaving the crowd of angry Wishers, and began walking to the prison. By this point, Addeh guessed, Scary had been moved from lockup at the police station to the actual Ww prison.

Warrior's Wish Correction Facility was on the outskirts of the city, on Rules Road. It was a rather small prison; since the move to the new city, not much crime had plagued Wish. The smoke-bombing of the RB Cafe was the biggest crime that Wish had had to deal with since the move.

Addeh made his way to the Correction Facility, several police cars whooshing by him on the way. Once it was in his sights, he walked across the lawn nearby to get to the back of the building. The entire place was surrounded by a very tall metal fence, complete with barb wire on the top. After reaching the back, Addeh knelt and took his backpack off. He opened it and pulled out wire cutters and cut enough room in the fence so he could squeeze through. He did so and dragged his backpack through the hole and put it back on.

Scanning the back of the building for an entrance, Addeh pulled a cat mask out of his back pocket and put it on. It looked stupid because of his glasses and didn't hide his face very well, but Addeh was cheap, didn't want to buy a ski mask, and this was all he had had.

Now that his face was partially covered, he walked up to the back door and pulled on it. Obviously, it was locked. He noted the keycard slider by the door and began slowly walking around the perimeter. Ahead of him, there was a guard; they had a regular police uniform on, and sunglasses. Addeh ducked down behind a stack of boxes and waited for the guard to pass by. When they did, he emerged and got behind them, wrapping his arm around their neck.

"Try not to wake up too soon," Addeh whispered as he choked the guard out. He was standing on his tippy-toes, as the guard was much taller than him. Slowly, with gross choking noises, the guard passed out. Addeh laid them on the ground and carefully took the keycard, their gun, and a ring of keys off their utility belt.

Back at the door, Addeh swiped the keycard and the machine beeped. He walked in. The room was poorly lit and somewhat grimy. There were various blue police jackets hanging on hooks near the door. To the left, there were tons of lockers, and beyond that, some showers. To the right was another door with a keycard slider, and in front of Addeh, there was a door without one that appeared to go into the hallway. He went into the one that required the keycard, and he found exactly what he was looking for. There were rows of riot gear.

Addeh took off his clothes and mask, stuffing them into his backpack. He put on the riot gear in his size, although the pants and the sleeves of the shirt were too long for him. Quietly, he cursed his shortness as he put the helmet on. It was tinted, so no one could see inside. He put the gun, the keys, and the keycard on the utility belt and grabbed a black backpack, shoving his own backpack inside of that. He looked in the mirror. He looked like a child trying on their parent's clothes.

"Are all police officers really tall?" He wondered aloud, attempting to scratch his head, but the helmet was in the way.

Slinging the backpack over his shoulders, he headed out into the hallway. Thankfully, there were signs that directed him where to go. Since Scary was basically being labeled a terrorist, Addeh figured that he would be held in maximum security, which was a nice way of putting solitary confinement. He followed the signs and found his way there.

The doors to the cells of maximum security did not have windows, and he couldn't exactly sneakily peer into the small hole where food trays were shoved into. He went up to the first door and knocked in morse code, "are you there?"

No response. He moved onto the next door and knocked in the same fashion. "Yes!" The peculiar voice screamed from within. Then, the person began screeching and banging something.

Obviously, that was not the person Addeh was looking for. He knocked on the next door. After a moment, the prisoner knocked on the door as well; they knocked morse code for 'it is me'.

Addeh slid the keycard and the door beeped loudly and opened. Scary was in there, wearing a tan jumpsuit. The shorter one was taken aback by his friend's appearance; he had a black eye, dried blood under his nose, and his head had been shaved. "What happened to you?"

"They interrogated me. But there's no time to explain, let's --"

Scary got quiet and put his head down as the door to maximum opened. A tall, buff police officer Addeh had never seen before came over to them. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Moving the prisoner," Addeh replied, making his voice deeper.

The buff dude crossed his arms. He had an eyepatch and a thick mustache. Addeh focused on his chest, which was about eye level for Addeh. "Who gave you these orders?" His voice sounded flat, like he had no inflections and no emotions.

"It's classified, I'm sorry, sir."

"Alright. I know what order you're talking about. I didn't think she would give it to someone like you. Put him in some cuffs and follow me." The robotic-like man tossed some cuffs to Addeh, and he reluctantly cuffed his friend and lead him to wherever this cop was going.

Scary tapped his handcuffs with his fingernail. Morse code: "Why there already an order to move. No sense. Something else."

Addeh tapped back on his leg: "No idea. Stay close."

And then, they had arrived. The tall man lifted his eye patch, but neither Scary nor Addeh could see what was underneath, and he lifted it to a scanner. It beeped twice and a sliding door opened. He gestured for the two to go in first.

Addeh felt his heart race and sweat roll down his forehead. In the room was a chair, reclining, quite similar to something one would see in a dentist's office. There was large cabinet with a padlock on it, and in front of that was a tray on wheels that had various scalpels, needles, syringes, and other terrifying doctor like tools on it.

The cop grabbed Scary's arm and brought him to the chair. "She has decided you are more useful to her dead than alive. This will not hurt." He opened the cabinet and took a vial of green liquid out of it, then began sucking some out into a syringe. "Strap him in," he commanded Addeh.

Addeh walked over to the chair and spotted the straps. He took one in his hand and looked at Scary, who had shut his eyes. "No," Addeh growled, putting his hand on the stolen gun on his belt.

The man looked up at him, his voice was stern and deeper than before. "You cannot disobey a command."

Addeh pulled the gun out of its holster and shot the cop in the chest before he could even react. Scary got up and followed Addeh over to the man's body on the floor.

There was no blood. The hole Addeh put in his chest revealed that there was a lot of wires and machinery inside of him. His eyes were still wide open. "You can-can-cannot...disobey me..." Then, he went limp, but his eyes stayed open. Addeh grabbed the keys from his belt.

"Okay, what the grapefruit? Robot cops, really?" He uncuffed Scary. "Maybe we're on the wrong side and something is seriously wrong with this administration."

Scary shook his head. "Trust me, the people opposing the administration are worse than..." He gestured to the thing on the floor. "...that."

He began to walk away, and Addeh looked back at the dead robot-man. He kneeled over and lifted his eyepatch. Where another eye should have been was a barcode. "I thought I was making the decision to kill someone," he said to Scary.

"Don't worry," Scary said, pausing in the doorway, "the man inside the robot was killed a long time ago."

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Re: Another Ww Fanfic - CHAPTER 7!
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I love it

Haven't read it yet I'll read at lunch

thanks vegas for the avatar, moss for the blinkie & darksight for the signature

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Re: Another Ww Fanfic - CHAPTER 7!
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...I really want to read more of this. The plot is thickening!

"That puppet was probably expensive." That line made me snicker for whatever reason. Just how matter-of-fact it sounded, hehe.

Patiently waiting for more, Addeh.

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Re: Another Ww Fanfic - CHAPTER 7!
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I'm late, but great new chapter! I hope you're still interested in finishing this, it's really good <3