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Author Topic: Welcome to the Packs! {Semi-realistic Wolf RP}  (Read 270 times)


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Welcome to the Packs! {Semi-realistic Wolf RP}
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Welcome to the Packs is a wonderful newly rebooted site that is continuing many years of lore from sites long since lost to the passages of time. Come in and play as one of many species of wolves such as the Eagle Warrior, the protectors of the skies, or maybe be a Vargano and spread your plague; when you die you might even come back to life as a Silver Blood in order to warn your normal fellow wolves.

Fight the Corruption, and anger the elder gods in every way imaginable with your cunning tricks and use of magic! Maybe they'll bless you for your intelligence, or you might just land yourself a curse.
  • Bountiful Lore that provides deep understanding of universe
  • Wide variety of playable fantasy wolf species
  • Dedicated lore master
  • Player driven story
  • Intricately detailed plot arcs
  • Map of universe
  • Friendly Community
  • Active and helpful staff
  • Webmaster who is open to new ideas and suggestions
  • Beginner friendly!
When you join, be sure to tell us who sent you!