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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #15 on: July 12, 2015, 02:04:02 pm »
Character name: Meadow
Warrior name: Meadowbreeze
Nicknames: none unless you come up with one
Age:15-18 (whatever best fits the plot)
Gender/Preferred pronouns: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Clan: RiverClan
Rank in Clan: Deputy or warrior
Appearance (cat): in signature
Appearance (human): slightly short, shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes
Typical outfit:Light green form fitting short sleeved t-shirt with a cat on it, blue jeans
Typical outfit (2):light yellow sundress with light orange and pink polka dots with a cat necklace
Personality:Very kind and smart. She loves doing things with her friends (video games, goofing off, etc.). She will do anything for friends, although if someone is threatening them she will get very angry and often try to fight that person. She has very strong interest in film and music. She loves singing.
Habits: Twirls hair when nervous.
Likes: Cats, reading, music, film making, nature, rabbits, horses, sweets, sword fighting, friends, singing, acting, bike riding, video games
Dislikes: snakes, heights, annoying people, people hurting her friends
Hobbies: film, singing, reading, being outside
Fears: heights, snakes
Desires/Wishes: to be able to animate and make pixel art, to be able to control fire, to have a horse
Skills: singing, film making, good with computers
Job: works at/ owns a movie theater
Pets: 4 cats (CATS) and a bunny.
Weapon of choice: Sword.
Preferred magical power: Control over fire
Okay with killing other characters?: If it's in self defense.
Okay with being killed off?: Only if it's necessary.
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: No thank you.
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: Dust, sunneth, and Splashy.
Any dietary requirements?: None.
Other: can swordfight, has leather notebook to sketch in and jot down interesting things and ideas.

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: Room 3.14 (Pi!)
Myers-Briggs type:ENTJ
Star sign: Aquarius
Temperament: phlegmatic
Alignment: Lawful Good?
Armour/Battle gear: none
Favourite food: pasta
Favourite drink: Lemonade or orange soda
Favourite animal: Cats
Favourite colour: green
Favourite number: 12
Favourite music: Pop
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Squirrelflight, Bluestar, and Greystripe

Thanks for the avatar ss!
Thanks for the sig other ss!

May you find a shiny Glaceon in your travels.

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #16 on: July 12, 2015, 02:14:10 pm »
Updated the list ^_^ (Sorry to Holly for accidentally missing you out, and thanks to Scary for notifying me)

@Meadowbreeze , if you're interested in learning more about pixel art, @altias  has been teaching a few people some pixelling techniques so perhaps you two could have a chat about it ^.^

Also thanks very much to whoever stickied this! :D

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #17 on: July 12, 2015, 08:14:33 pm »
Username: Bladeh
Character name: Bladeh Mercury
Warrior name: Get back to me on this. If you want to make one up, go ahead, just tell me.
Nicknames: None. As said above, if you want to make one up, go ahead, just tell me.
Age: 20/21
Gender/Preferred pronouns: Female, she/her
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Clan: ThunderClan
Rank in Clan: Warrior
Appearance (cat): Blue-gray shorthair with green eyes
Appearance (human): Short (somewhere around 5'2") and somewhat overweight. Has brown hair that goes halfway down the back and may sometimes be tied up in a loose ponytail. Has green eyes and wears black wire-framed glasses. Doesn't wear makeup, dresses, or jewelry.
Typical outfit: Black t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes.
Typical outfit (2): If in a colder climate, I'll wear a black or dark blue hoodie along with the jeans and black shoes
Personality: Overall quiet and shy. She stutters, mixes up words in sentences, and does not make eye contact when talking to someone, preferring to look at the ground or the listener's shoulder. She has a tendency to talk a lot about her interests for extended periods of time. She doesn't realize that she's doing it at first, but once she realizes, she apologizes for it. She usually needs things repeated many times to understand what the other person is talking about. Normally doesn't let emotions show unless she is extremely emotional. Is sarcastic sometimes, especially when bothered. Worries easily. Doesn't trust people very easily and always demands proof to a claim. She is very disorganized and as a result can be forgetful at times. Full of energy but hardly uses it, preferring to write or be on the computer. She doesn't like to be bored and always tries to be entertained. She sometimes is caught drifting off in her imagination, which causes her to not to pay attention to her surroundings.
Habits: Normally will bring a notebook to write in wherever she goes. When extremely excited, she will flap her hands. She will play around with her fingers (or a pen/pencil if available) when bored or stressed.
Likes: Cats, the band Queen, abandoned buildings, Animorphs, Nostalgia Critic, entertaining people, helping people, the sound and smell of rain
Dislikes: Hot weather, loud noises (especially when concentrating on something), too much social interaction, rejection
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, singing, listening to music
Fears: Death, heights, bees, snakes
Desires/Wishes: To be able to socialize and talk better, to have financial stability, to be in good health, to see people get along better and respect each other.
Skills: Can speak Japanese and German, can notice things in the background, and has somewhat of an ability to predict what might happen in the future
Job: Writer
Pets: A red tabby male named Freddie and calico female named Hana
Weapon of choice: A knife or a gun
Preferred magical power: None, you can make one up 
Okay with killing other characters?: Only for a good reason.
Okay with being killed off?: Only for a good reason.
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: Go crazy
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: The old fanfic crowd, generally.
Any dietary requirements?: None
Other: If you need more information, feel free to contact me.

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: 83
Myers-Briggs type: On the border of INFP and ISFP (I and F are the strongest)
Star sign: Virgo
Temperament: Melancholic
Alignment: True neutral/neutral good
Armour/Battle gear: None that I can think of
Favourite food: Ice cream (any kind), macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, pizza (especially with mushrooms and/or bell peppers), cinnamon buns, and pretzels.
Favourite drink: Soda, particularly cola, Dr. Pepper, and any citrus soda.   
Favourite animal: Cats
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite number: 83 or 38
Favourite music: My favorite band is Queen. Otherwise, I listen to mainly Japanese and German music along with some classical.
Favourite Warrior Cats character: I'll say Bluestar, Firestar, Graystripe, and Jayfeather for now until I properly reread the series.

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #18 on: July 15, 2015, 08:08:49 pm »
hello yes

Username: Addeh
Character name: Addeh McLeaf
Warrior name: Adderleaf
Nicknames: Addy, Addster
Age: 19
Gender/Preferred pronouns: he/him/his
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank in Clan: Warrior
Appearance (cat): Black. All paws, his muzzle, and the tip of his tail are white. Fluffy fur. Green eyes. Left ear is chipped. Wears a purple collar from the days when he was a kitty-pet.
Appearance (human): 5'4", chubby, white. Has short brown hair that's wavy. Forever-chapped lips. Green eyes. Wears thick, black glasses. Freckles. Stubby legs. Chewed up fingernails. Constantly has bandaids on the tips of his fingers. Prickly sideburns. Hairy legs and arms.
Typical outfit: Black skinny jeans, black and grey letterman jacket (base black, sleeves grey). Under that is some sort of graphic tee, anything, really. Black and white stripped beanie. Beat up red converse, practically falling apart. His glasses are a necessity.
Typical outfit (2): Same black skinny jeans. Seriously, he loves them. Purple and grey stripped tee-shirt. Over that, a navy blue button-up. May I remind you, he wears glasses. Bright pinkish-purpleish converse.
Personality: Extremely anxious and shy. He doesn't like talking up very much, but when he does, it's either a joke or pointing out someone's wrong. He gets better with people he knows well; with friends, he talks a lot and actively tries to be part of the conversation.
He's very emotional and sensitive. He takes most things personally. He knows he shouldn't, he just does. He over-thinks situations. He likes ranting/venting to very close friends; he likes to believe that someone will be there for him. Yet, he's quick to anger. When something sad, irritating, or generally annoying happens, he snaps and insults people before walking away from the situation to grumble by himself. When mad, he likes to shower.
He's always early. This is a part of his anxiety. He cannot make phone calls. This is also a part of his anxiety.
He is an extremely loyal friend. He will do anything for his friends, if he truly cares about them. Once he cares, he can't stop. Even if there's an altercation, and the friendship seems to end, he's the type to stalk your Facebook to make sure you're still okay. He loves passionately, intensely, and falls in love quickly.
Habits: Chewing on his fingernails. Checking his phone, even if he knows there are no new notifications.
Likes: Cats, cartoons, wasting time on the internet, and cats.
Dislikes: Waiting and ignorance.
Hobbies: Petting cats, making bottle caps into buttons, watching TV, playing video games.
Fears: Clowns, heights, dark water, bugs (especially butterflies/moths), boiling water, making/receiving phone calls, the dark.
Desires/Wishes: To be an author, to find his soulmate.
Skills: Writing, memorizing numbers.
Job: Mailman.
Pets: A white kitten named Rose.
Weapon of choice: A pocket knife.
Preferred magical power: Healing wounds.
Okay with killing other characters?: please yes
Okay with being killed off?: only if it's hardcore and awesome (go ahead)
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: PLEASE YES
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: I suppose in ye good ol' days, the fanfic people.
Any dietary requirements?: (e.g. vegetarianism, allergies) Nope.
Other: memes

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: 27
Myers-Briggs type: INFJ
Star sign: Cancer
Temperament: (phlegmatic, melancholic, sanguine, or choleric) Melancholic.
Alignment: (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, and Good/Neutral/Evil)  Chaotic Good.
Armour/Battle gear: Just some leather stuff.
Favourite food: Pistachios.
Favourite drink: Chocolate milk.
Favourite animal: Cat.
Favourite colour: Purple.
Favourite number: 27.
Favourite music: Pop punk.
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Leafpool, way back when.

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #19 on: July 28, 2015, 02:41:55 pm »
Username: Leopardscar
Character name: Leopard O'Scar, Leopard, or Leapoardscar, whichever fits best! 
Warrior name: Leopardscar
Nicknames: Scar, Leopard, Leo
Age: 18
Gender/Preferred pronouns: Female, She/Her
Sexuality: Straight
Clan: ShadowClan
Rank in Clan: Warrior or Deputy
Appearance (cat): She is fairly small, with a long tail and short glossy fur. Her coat is black with black and dark gray "leopard" splotches, as well as a dark gray chest, tail-tip, and front left paw. Her eyes are dark green. Both of her ears have small notches in them, and she has a few small scars on her hind legs and one on her right shoulder.
Appearance (human): She has fair skin with dark hazel (green/brown) eyes. Her hair is long and a mixture of brown and red, with natural curls (often told it looks like the singer Lorde's) that reach down to her waist. She's only 5'3" but of average build. She has a small birth mark on her shoulder, a four inch scar on the inside of her right leg, and a small button nose. 
Typical outfit: She usually wears a dark green t-shirt with brown leggings and black flats. She also always wears a necklace with the "Yin" symbol.
Typical outfit (2): For special occasions she wears a black dress that reaches to right above the knee and a halter neckline with a pair of black "gladiator heels." She also wears the "Yin" necklace.
Personality: When first meeting someone or when surrounded by strangers, she's normally quiet and observant; often mistaken for shy. When she's comfortable with someone, she becomes very outgoing and giggly. She's friendly towards strangers unless given a reason not to be, in which case she can become extremely hostile. Usually she tends to resort to some sort of violence in conflicts, and tends to swear more than not. Considers herself plain and ordinary, but slightly more intelligent than some. Despite this, she does not like receiving compliments or talking about achievements. She tends not to go out much, but when she does manage to come out of her shell, she practically explodes. However, since she's much more of an introvert than an extrovert, she greatly enjoys spending time alone. She also tends to day dream often without realizing it.   
Habits: She scrunches the ends of hair between two of her fingers when zoned out, worried, or uncomfortable. Also scuffles feet when bored or waiting.
Likes: Animals, acting, photography, nature, ecology, food, night, the moon.
Dislikes: Attention-seekers, ignorance, animal abuse, most people.
Hobbies: Acting and photography.
Fears: Ocean creatures and strong men.
Desires/Wishes: To become a wildlife biologist and to travel the world.
Skills: Good actress (and liar), good at picking out details, flexible, sneaky.
Job: Film actress, wildlife biologist, or basically anything else that has to do with animals. 
Pets: A female lutino cockatiel (Prim), two male chinchillas (one black: Onyx, one white: Zulu), and a small five year old white/light gray/dark gray she-cat with clear blue eyes (Luna).
Weapon of choice: A metal (silver) retractable bo staff with bladed tips.
Preferred magical power: Ability to shapeshift into animals or to take on the ability of animals without changing her physical appearance. 
Okay with killing other characters?: Yes.
Okay with being killed off?: Yes.
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: I kinda prefer not to be? But if it's essential to the plot I won't complain! 
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: At least acquaintances with almost everyone. 
Any dietary requirements?: Nope.
Other: I think that's it? PM me if you need anything else (:

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: None
Myers-Briggs type: INFJ
Star sign: Aries
Temperament: Melancholic
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Armour/Battle gear: Anything really
Favourite food: Homemade pizza
Favourite drink: Blueberry soda
Favourite animal: Loves them all
Favourite colour: Green
Favourite number: 4
Favourite music: Anything
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Cinderpelt or Silverstream

Offline glimmer

Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #20 on: August 05, 2015, 08:23:23 pm »
alright here goes!

Username: glimmer
Character name: glimmer leafheart
Warrior name: leafnose
Nicknames: occasionally glim
Age: 17 (18 real soon though)
Gender/Preferred pronouns: agender, they/them
Sexuality: asexual (panromantic)
Clan: riverclan
Rank in Clan: just warrior probably? or apprentice
Appearance (cat): white with brown tabby patches and greenish yellow eyes
Appearance (human): 5'2 (157cm), short brown hair with a side fringe, pale skin w/ freckles, pear shaped, brown eyes
Typical outfit: black pleated skirt, some kind of white t shirt with an animal or whatever on the front, unzipped hoodie and black shoes
Typical outfit (2): same as above but with jeans i guess? long sleeved shirts and tights in winter if wearing a skirt
Personality: kind of quiet but easily amused, is scared easily - prefers listening to talking (can get pretty flustered if a lot of ppl are paying attention to them). doesn't get angry easily unless someone they care about is hurt. 
Habits: bites lip a lot, cracks knuckles/wrists/toes/whatever
Likes: animals, nature, music, writing, drawing, sports anime
Dislikes: obnoxiously loud people/sounds, doing maths, negativity, sexual content, not getting enough sleep
Hobbies: writing, drawing, singing, talking to friends
Fears: spiders, other large bugs, the dark, clowns, gore, freezing up in the spotlight, getting a job
Desires/Wishes: overcoming their fear of most things, petting all the cats and guinea pigs, becoming an author
Skills: analysis, seeing different points of view (though this can be negative bc it becomes hard to pick a side)
Job: author or artist preferably
Pets: a black cat called luca
Weapon of choice: anything they can get their hands on rly - generally small blades or stuff that doesn't require physical strength to use
Preferred magical power: heightened senses (probably one at a time tho)
Okay with killing other characters?: yup
Okay with being killed off?: yup
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: lmao sure
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: the fanfic crowd mostly
Any dietary requirements?: nope! (i don't like fish and a lot of veg but. y'know)
Other: [thumbs up emoji]

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: 999
Myers-Briggs type: INFP
Star sign: leo
Temperament: melancholic i think?? i keep getting different results
Alignment: neutral good
Armour/Battle gear: anything they can find
Favourite food: steak
Favourite drink: apple juice
Favourite animal: guinea pig
Favourite colour: the plum side of purple
Favourite number: 3
Favourite music: anything ppl show them rly
Favourite Warrior Cats character: HMM probably cinderpelt or ravenpaw

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #21 on: August 18, 2015, 11:04:47 pm »
Username: Wryfinch
Character name: Finch May McLayne
Warrior name: Batpaw (warrior: Batfur)
                             Bat (prey-hunter: Bat That Flies In Silence)
Nicknames: human - May
                         feline - none
Age: 14 years (equivalent to ~11 moons old in real-cat age)
Gender/Preferred pronouns: Female(?), she/her or xe/xir pronouns
Sexuality: Aromantic asexual
Clan: ShadowClan (if Clan-membership is mandatory)
                 Tribe of Rushing Water
Rank in Clan: Apprentice
                           Prey-hunter's Tribune
Appearance (cat): Skinny black cat with a greasy, messy medium-length pelt and golden eyes.
Appearance (human): A teen with messy, straight-ish shoulder-length black hair and dark brown eyes with a golden wire-framed pair of glasses. Xir extremities always feel cold to the touch. Xe has a long, knotted scar slicing across xir stomach and another on xir right wrist, both from surgery. There are many smaller scars and bruises on xir legs. Acts kinda twitchy and animalistic sometimes.
Typical outfit: Loose-fitting T-shirts or short-sleeved button-downs in light, cool colors (green, blue, grey), usually with some white; and dark blue or black pants. Black sneakers with small slashes of indigo running down the sides.
Typical outfit (2): In winter, the same as above with a fluffy purple and light blue jacket. Sleepwear is anything comfortable and too messy to be used in public. A ragged old T-shirt and some randomly-colored shorts will do.
         List Format In No Particular Order:
       -- quiet
       -- dryly humorous
       -- pedantic
       -- socially inept
       -- curious
       -- perfectionist
       -- selfish
       -- trusting
       -- intelligent (As in "an IQ score of over ~120 [though IQ tests are actually very flawed]", but I'm a little slow on the uptake. Quite good at exercising trialed methods though.)
       -- casual ("...Excuse me? What in the world is formality?")
       -- talkative (In small groups, one-on-one conversations and online!)
       -- prudent
       -- focused (When interested in something, otherwise I appear spaced out when processing info.)
       -- high-strung
       -- easily annoyed
       -- somewhat naive/idealistic
Habits: Hair combing, holding my wrist behind my back, constantly editing my work, spelling perfectionism
Likes: Reading and writing, drawing, lists, learning, small spaces, new vocabulary, realism, sound reasoning/logic, explanations, analyzing characters, light
Dislikes: Grapefruiting boredom, overthinking worst-case scenarios, comforting or being around emotional people, being touched, cold, surprises, games of chance, romance, memes, teasing, Freudian psychology
Hobbies: Playing RPGs, drawing, reading, creeping out my friends, factoids
Fears: Getting lost, losing any of my senses, being hated or ostracized, poverty/joblessness, independence
Desires/Wishes: Get a perfect friend. I know, it's impossible. (Also, get a job. Any job that pays well, is interesting, doesn't involve much customer interaction, and not too physically or mentally exhausting is perfect. Also impossible, but I can still hope.)
Skills: Surprisingly flexible and agile, I'm a self-taught casual singer (quiet though), and I know basic kung fu with a staff.
Job: ...I'm 14. If the fic has no schools, I'm just working part-time jobs.
Pets: None; I wouldn't be able to handle the responsibility.
Weapon of choice: A thick, 5'1" (in length) wooden kung fu staff and/or a hinged blackjack. Just don't ask me where I got a police baton and we'll be golden. Not literally... but still. Gold.
Preferred magical power: Telekinesis.
Okay with killing other characters?: Yes; if you want me to murder, I will murder. If you're talking about non-WW-member-characters, then I'll kill anything that is threatening my life.
Okay with being killed off?: Well, what's keeping you from doing it? Come on, kill me!
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: If it's one-sided on the other's part, a friendship, or a queerplatonic relationship.
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: Not really, but everyone's very nice and accepting!
Any dietary requirements?: I loathe avocados, oranges, bananas, pineapples, caramelized onions and mayonnaise. I'm good with pretty much anything else.

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: Room 746.
Myers-Briggs type: ISTP, bordering INTP.
Star sign: Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, Rising Aquarius. (Chinese Zodiac: Snake)
Temperament: Phlegmatic, with melancholic as a secondary alignment.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Armour/Battle gear: Something sleek, lightweight, and easy to maneuver in; I hate getting caught on things or being rendered immobile. Even my typical clothing would do for this.
Favourite food: Eggs (!!!), fish, and/or spicy ramen (instant or otherwise)
Favourite drink: Fruit punch.
Favourite animal: Cats, weasels, and falcons.
Favourite colour: Grey, white, lighter blue, green, indigo.
Favourite number: 746
Favourite music: Instrumental soundtracks, electronic songs, etc. I also like songs with vocals as long as they don't involve romance or overly-cheerful fluff (both of which are annoying).
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Yellowfang and Jayfeather are tied for first. Ravenpaw is second for being a good friend to anyone.

The above CLKs and banners are made by Altias!

Offline Spellmaster

Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #22 on: August 26, 2015, 01:49:19 am »
I hardly ever sign up for fics but I'm posting this for reference anyway

Username: Spellmaster
Character name: Spellmaster, Shadow
Warrior name: I think my last warrior name was Shadowfrost (usually for non-canon clans tho)
Age: 24
Gender/Preferred pronouns: female, she/they
Sexuality: apathy (prooobably mostly-heteroromantic asexual but it's not important to me rn)
Clan: loner or any, leaning toward shadow, wind, or sky
Rank in Clan: warrior (also totally fine with deputy if you need one wink wink)
Appearance (cat): medium-length black fur with white flash on chest, white paws and tail tip, amber eyes
Appearance (human): 5'4", very skinny and very pale. light brown/gold (if fantasy) eyes, reddish-brown hair often tied back in a ponytail when doing things. typically wears basic and modest clothes (t-shirts, long pants, tennis shoes, open-fronted jacket and sunglasses) in dark colors with red or blue accents.
Typical outfit: I'm not good at outfits D: you can do whatever you want with the above, there's not a lot of variation in how I usually dress
Personality: quiet, doesn't talk much unless she feels she really has something to say, but can ramble about things she likes. often socially awkward and conflict-avoidant. mostly solitary, not particularly unfriendly but uncomfortable with spending too much time around others. anxious in unfamiliar situations. almost always aware of what's going on around her.
outwardly calm and impassive, has trouble showing emotions to other people. has a fairly dry and self-deprecating sense of humor, and uses this humor to cope, so will often be joking in tough situations even if she's actually upset.
good at solving problems. tends to beat herself up for her failures and be harsher on herself than others, though she can be a little self-righteous around rude or offensive people. thinks things through to a fault; thorough, but indecisive. very orderly, plans in advance, sticks closely to morals. comes off as pretty rigid and serious, but actually not very severe and acts casual most of the time.
Habits: fidgets and bites/chips at nails when nervous or bored. has trouble looking at people when talking to them. cracks joints and stretches a lot, rarely keeps hands still or sits in the same position for very long.
Likes: creative hobbies (writing, drawing, music), analyzing/categorizing things, philosophy, driving, mild weather
Dislikes: wanton cruelty/disrespect, getting up early, loud or repeated noises, bright light, mind-altering substances (for herself), so many foods that listing them would require a whole new form
Hobbies: video games, writing, drawing, listening to/playing music, organizing things
Fears: dying, being hated... most "typical" fears I guess. earthquakes freak me out a bit
Desires/Wishes: to finish big creative projects, to be respected?? my biggest dream/goal is to have a dream/goal
Skills: usually good at languages (english, japanese, coding, music, etc.), quick learner, fairly knowledgeable. pretty well coordinated. good aim and memory, sharp senses. very stealthy. fast for short amounts of time (not good with distances).
Weaknesses: often not so good at communicating, especially face to face, and often not good with feelings. tends to be indecisive and overly moderate. can't be loud and abrasive to save her life. not a lot of stamina or brute physical strength. has a hard time concentrating in noisy environments or seeing in strong light.
Job: something to do with languages? writing, translating, etc. maybe computer coding stuff.
Weapon of choice: depends on the fic tbh. bows, daggers/short swords, and magic are always good. knows some martial arts.
Preferred magical power: also depends on the fic. invisibility, speed, and flying deals are nice. for offensive magic probably wind, dark, fire, or lightning-based powers
Okay with killing other characters?: if the situation really demands it but fic-me won't like it
Okay with being killed off?: well if u insist (but at least give me a cool death >:O)
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: I'm not into rl shipping but if it's not serious I probably won't mind
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: sunneth, pine, not sure who else should count or not count D:
Any dietary requirements?: no requirements per se but I really don't like seafood (except tuna) or coconut. even too strong of a smell can make me feel sick. same for alcohol and coffee but to a lesser degree

Optional extras:
Myers-Briggs type: INTJ/ISTJ
Zodiac sign: gemini (western), monkey (eastern)
Alignment: neutral good
Armour/Battle gear: probably something light/relatively easy to move in (ideally w/o sacrificing too much defense but I would prioritize speed and maneuverability)
Favourite food: potato chips, cookie/dough things, sharp cheese, bbq stuff
Favourite drink: probably soft drinks (lemon-lime or colas)
Favourite animal: wolves, otters, DRAGONS
Favourite colour: practically all of them... I'm partial to mid-range oranges and blues ig
Favourite number: 5
Favourite music: alternative/pop/rock and video game soundtracks
Favourite Warrior Cats character: hollyleaf??

Offline xReddifx

Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #23 on: September 15, 2015, 11:03:15 pm »
oh hey i should do this
but i'll work more on it later because lazy lol

Username: xReddifx
Character name: Red
Warrior name: Redwhisker
Nicknames: n/a
Age: 19 (20 in November aaaaaa)
Gender/Preferred pronouns: no idea//they/them
Sexuality: all the things
Clan: SkyClan
Rank in Clan: warrior
Appearance (cat):
Appearance (human):
Typical outfit:
Typical outfit (2):
Weapon of choice:
Preferred magical power:
Okay with killing other characters?:
Okay with being killed off?:
Okay with being shipped with other characters?:
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?:
Any dietary requirements?: (e.g. vegetarianism, allergies)

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments:
Myers-Briggs type:
Star sign:
Temperament: (phlegmatic, melancholic, sanguine, or choleric)
Alignment: (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, and Good/Neutral/Evil)
Armour/Battle gear:
Favourite food:
Favourite drink:
Favourite animal:
Favourite colour:
Favourite number:
Favourite music:
Favourite Warrior Cats character:

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #24 on: September 28, 2015, 08:49:45 pm »
Eyyy yooooo

Username: Raintalon
Character name: Rain T. Nymous
Warrior name: Raintalon
Nicknames: N/A
Age: Let's say 18
Gender/Preferred pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Doesn't tell anyone, and doesn't really date anyone.
Clan: SKYCLAN (but if needed could be WindClan)
Rank in Clan: Warrior
Appearance (cat): Mostly ginger-and-black calico with a white patch on her face and three white stripes on her ribcage on either side. Fur is maybe a little longer than yer average shorthair, but not by much. Green eyes.
Appearance (human): Pale reddish hair that is cut in what amounts to a fairly unkempt pixie. Hazel eyes, fair skin (though she has a farmer's tan). About 5' 9'' and relatively lanky. Looks (and sounds) fairly androgynous; does not wear make-up ever and will fight anyone who tries to make her. Double-jointed thumbs.
Typical outfit: Not-clingy sweatpants in either blue or gray, a t-shirt with print on it (not usually band or fandom names, but usually printed) in any color that isn't pink, orange, or purple. Tennis shoes that aren't super garish, or Crocs in some shade of blue. Knit socks. Would not wear shorts hardly ever. Often has a hoodie, either light gray or blue.
Typical outfit (2): (Fer fancy event things) Black pants, long-sleeved blue-and-black button down dress shirt tucked in at the waist. Hair is usually a little more organized. Still knit socks, but in less vibrant colors. Nice blue or black shoes.
Personality: Sometimes hardheaded and opinionated. If you get into an argument with her, she probably won't back off; however, she's fairly laid-back and non-combative if it's a subject she doesn't care too strongly about. Nice to just about everyone she meets and often excessively polite (saying thanks and stuff). Pretty smart and intuitive; creative. Can be protective of friends, or get into arguments with them whilst simultaneously trying to protect them. Sometimes oblivious. Is the kind of person who will often poke or literally lean on close friends. Says 'dude' way too much. Other than sometimes punching friends for being stupid, is more or less pacifistic. Hardly ever has a bad day, but when she does, she will snap at anyone who bothers her too much.
Habits: Pushing hair to the side, drifting off into her own thoughts even in the middle of a conversation, subconsciously picking at scabs, popping any joint she's able to (fingers, toes, arms, neck), half-dancing to music, procrastinating
Likes: BIRDS, cats, GRIFFINS, things under the fandoms section of my profile... Chicken Alfredo, bridies/pasties(the food), Haggis, General Tso's chicken, the sky, running, being around friends, wide-open spaces, wind, freedom.
Dislikes: Bad breath, the fact that some people think they're worthless, that moment when two groups are arguing and all you can do is facepalm because they're saying the same things about each other and about themselves as the other side and really have more in common than they think, ASPARAGUS, COCONUT, flesh-eating insects, lychee fruit
Hobbies: Writing, reading (both books and fanfics), sometimes drawing, wasting time on YouTube, talking to friends, video games
Fears: Heights, the things in the dark (but not the dark so much), being completely alone
Desires/Wishes: To make a difference in the world, to travel the world
Skills: Aspiring Computer Scientist, some German (not fluent), some Spanish (also not fluent), cunning. Fairly intelligent.
Job: Owner of a very technological cafe with much coffee and much puns. There is always electro swing playing in the cafe.
Pets: I would like some combination (any or none) of the following: a large, fluffy female Maine Coon named Adelise (Lee for short), a male Scottish Deerhound named Smith, and a male crow named William.
Weapon of choice: A six-foot-long wooden staff, no decorations. Also a small dagger for stabby purposes. Is proficient enough at hand-to-hand combat if necessary.
Preferred magical power: Fire control, flying, or shapeshifting. For a more minor power, maybe something like being 'avoidable'-- i.e. being there but not really noticeable to anyone
Okay with killing other characters?: Probably wouldn't unless it was a matter of protecting someone else. She'd likely try to incapacitate them first. However, killing is okay if necessary.
Okay with being killed off?: Ehehehe yeah sure
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: Sure, if you really want to.
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: I'd like to think Scartail and Graystripe.
Any dietary requirements?: Nope. Probably won't eat coconut or asparagus unless absolutely necessary, but that's not a 'requirement'. Also, the very word 'lychee' makes my stomach upset. Would probably eat sand before lychee fruit.

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: 888B
Myers-Briggs type: ENTP
Star sign:
Temperament: Um... maybe sanguine with a hint of phlegmatic? I don't know for sure how this works
Alignment: (Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, and Good/Neutral/Evil)
Armour/Battle gear: Weapon listed above, and pretty light armor-- maybe leather or something. Not fancy.
Favourite food: Chicken Alfredo, General Tso's Chicken, haggis, bridies, Cornell Chicken
Favourite drink: COFFEEEEEEEE, grape juice, grape sodas, orange juice, anything juice that isn't lychee. Milk's good too.
Favourite animal: Peregrine falcon, crow, snow leopard, velociraptor
Favourite colour: Blue and red
Favourite number: 8
Favourite music: Likes a wide range of things, but can be widely expected to enjoy FOB, Panic! at the Disco, Gaelic Storm, Seven Nations, Enter the Haggis, and swing/electro swing. Also enjoys Bad Blood, Radioactive, Warriors (Imagine Dragons), Kill Your Heroes, La La Lainey, 24 (by Jem), lots of stuff from Eurovision, some trance/electro style music, 30 Seconds to Mars, and RIP Everyone.
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Oh dear. Always liked Jayfeather, Brightheart, Graystripe, and Leafstar. I think I'd have to go on a rereading quest to get 'em all.
There are bad ways to win-- and good ways to lose.
What's interesting and troubling is that it's not always clear which is which.
A flipped coin doesn't always land heads or tails.
Sometimes it may never land at all...

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #25 on: September 28, 2015, 11:18:24 pm »
Username: Heron
Character name: Heron River
Warrior name: Heronwing
Age: 20
Gender/Preferred pronouns: Female, she/her
Clan: RiverClan
Rank in Clan: Warrior
Appearance (cat): Plain white she-cat with yellow eyes.
Appearance (human): 5'5 tall, a bit on the thin side. Blue eyes, long light brown hair. Really pale, with dark circles under her eyes. Usually doesn't wear makeup.
Typical outfit: Jeans, t-shirt (usually black or some other dark color), jacket, sneakers.
Typical outfit (2): T-shirt, shorts, sneakers.
Personality: Usually fairly easygoing. Tends to be really talkative around those she knows well, but not so much with other people. Devoted and loyal to her friends. Good at focusing on the situation at hand, and pretty patient. Pretty reliable and responsible. A bit of a worrywart, and sometimes overthinks things. Tends to be a perfectionist. Will try to find the diplomatic solution to a problem first, but won't back down if it's important to her.
Habits: Tends to go to sleep and wake up really late
Likes: Animals, food, hanging out with friends, any sort of good music/books/games/etc.
Dislikes: Unnecessarily rude or cruel people, geese, mayonnaise, pointless busywork
Hobbies: Learning languages, reading, playing video games
Fears: Tarantulas, centipedes/millipedes
Desires/Wishes: Having a reasonably happy and meaningful life, learning as many languages as possible
Skills: Memorizing facts quickly, languages (knows English, Spanish, Japanese, and Italian)
Job: Probably some sort of translator for manga, video games, or something along those lines.
Pets: None
Weapon of choice: Knives
Preferred magical power: Sound manipulation (I based it off of this, if you want more details).
Okay with killing other characters?: Yes
Okay with being killed off?: Yes
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: Yes
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: I get along with pretty much everyone on here.
Any dietary requirements?: (e.g. vegetarianism, allergies)
Other: PM me if you need clarification/more details on anything.

Optional extras:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Armour/Battle gear: Something along the lines of this.
Favourite food: Green peppers, pears, pizza
Favourite drink: Water, matcha lattes
Favourite animal: Hedgehogs
Favourite colour: Gray
Favourite number: 72, 13
Favourite music: Classic rock (especially Queen)
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Mousefur

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #26 on: October 03, 2015, 03:15:50 am »
Username: spottedstar
Character name: (Cat) Summer (Human) Blakely
Warrior name: Summermist
Nicknames: B, Blake, Blakey
Age: 20
Gender/Preferred pronouns: Male (he/his/him)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: BloodClan (or for the main 4, WindClan)
Rank in Clan: Warrior, I assume
Appearance (cat): Large (muscle wise) tom; medium length black fur with orange and tan spots; bright green eyes, left eye scarred shut; With BloodClan, a purple collar, tail bracelet, and bracelet on the right paw ankle all studded with teeth.
Appearance (human): 5'1" tall male with medium length black hair in the front that swoops over on eye, with short stacked hair in the back. Blue-grey eyes.
Typical outfit: Black Mikey f--kin Way shirt with the Fun Ghoul jacket, a worn out red, white, and blue sweat band on the right wrist, a frnkiero cross necklace, black skinny jeans, and worn out black and silver Reebok shoes.
Typical outfit (2): Black feminine leather biker jacket with the Kobra Kid shirt, a frnkiero cross necklace, black and blue tripp pants (without the mesh on the pockets, with the bottoms zipped off), and black platform boots.
Personality: (Human) Socially awkward, hates authority, comes off as an plum pit but is generally pretty nice to others; emotional and easy to anger, and pretty flighty, but is willing to talk after calming down; has a strong sense of equality for everyone and tries not to be biased (but it's kinda hard...); flirty with guys; rather neurotic at times, and has a tendency to get sad, bitter, and pessimistic easily. (Cat character) Mean-spirited, selfish, and enjoys picking on others for fun; doesn't have a lot of respect for others unless they're as mean and mischievous as himself; tends to come off as lacking empathy but has a weird soft spot for the young
Habits: Lip biting, making odd and rather inhuman noises, listening to music all the time, accidentally flirting with any guy I find remotely cute, dwelling over past relationships, drinking vodka, somehow bringing MCR into the conversation, spending money on things I shouldn't, saying dumb and awkward things and not knowing how to get myself out of them
Likes: (Assuming this for human) Music, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Pendulum, Monstercat, EDM, punk rock, Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Iceland, Markiplier, Game Grumps, a lot of things...
Dislikes: (Still assuming human) Overly-critical people, anyone who vehemently hates a band without good reason, people who are okay with murder and of the sort, people who lie to try and seem cool / make people jealous / put people down
Hobbies: (Hoomen) Music (listening, composing, playing), writing (poetry, short stories), reading, sleeping, driving, being punk
Fears: Spiders, needles, rollarcoasters
Desires/Wishes: To be in a famous punk rock band, to meet every member of MCR and Green Day, to kiss Markiplier on the cheek because wow he's a qt
Skills: Cooking, singing, playing cello, piano, and bass guitar, debating, mediating, psychology, fake crying
Job: ???
Pets: ???
Weapon of choice: Scythe
Preferred magical power: Probably elemental control
Okay with killing other characters?: For my cat, hell yeah, especially if I'm considered chaotic evil. I am part of BloodClan after all. For my human self... I'm rather pacifistic on life and death stuff so unless I've completely lost it, it wouldn't make sense, but... -shrug-
Okay with being killed off?: As a cat, I suppose so, though I more prefer to do the killing. As for human yes, but I don't go out without a fight (ง •̀_•́)ง
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: Sure I guess?? I have a lean towards males though, typically the skinny guys, and I'm more of a top so keep that in mind.
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: I'd say Scary, but besides that, no, because socially awkward whoops. I would like to consider other people on here my friends though??
Any dietary requirements?: little to no milk, no macadamia nuts, can only eat cooked tomatoes and apples, watermelon gives awful indigestion
Other: Since it can effect my personality, I have a few psychological disorders, including
(click to show/hide)
Also, any additional information can be found here and here

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: 2019 (because MCR trash)
Myers-Briggs type: INFP
Star sign: Cancer
Temperament: Melancholic
Alignment: Chaotic Good/Neutral/Evil (as a person, good, but in character I like being evil, though sometimes I end up being neutral, so it's whatever)
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite drink: Pumpkin spice coffee or a hot chai tea
Favourite animal: Wolf or Peacock
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite number: 21
Favourite music: THUNDER PUNK (i.e. My Chemical Romance ;A; ) Punk and EDM
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Scourge or Spottedleaf
ƪValkyrie: A Ww Fanficȴ

Blinkie by moss

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Re: Universal Sign-up Form
« Reply #27 on: October 24, 2015, 01:36:04 am »
Username: Darkforestwarrior
Character name: Joie, but almost always goes by DFW as a nickname (human), Redstripe (cat)
Warrior name: Redstripe (**my warrior sona is not really realistic, if a realistic warrior cat is needed I will create one specifically for that situation but I don't have one right now)
Nicknames: DFW, Dark
Age: 25 (born in 1990)
Gender/Preferred pronouns: genderfluid/non-binary, they or she pronouns
Sexuality: Pan as Heck
Clan: Windclan
Rank in Clan: Warrior
Appearance (cat): Small, longhaired gray she-cat with blue eyes and blood red stripes (**again, if a realistic warrior is needed I will create a new one for that purpose) See profile pic for reference
Appearance (human): Short (5'2"), generally feminine, wears blonde hair in a short bob cut (or a buzz cut as my hair is currently). Gray eyes and Glasses.
Typical outfit: likes to wear dark jeans and tee shirts or button up flannel shirts. Bright socks and shoes. Colors of outfits can vary.
Typical outfit (2): on a nicer occasion, wears long skirts, little slip on shoes, and a simple top. Colors can vary, teals, blues, and greens are favorites though.
Personality: Typically relaxed, likes to make silly jokes, can be quiet around new people but is very outgoing around friends. Loud laughter. Amused easily. Thinks of self as a good helper, will do anything to comfort someone in distress. (That's as a human, my cat!self is evil and revenge bent so think quite differently if you're writing Redstripe.)
Habits: Pushing glasses up, biting lips, generally being dorky. Kind of a nerd.
Likes: Cats, books, animals in general, nature in general. Art, artsy things. Most kinds of music to be honest. Creepy things. Video games (especially creative video games like minecraft) uh. Exploring. Visiting new places.
Dislikes: Most kinds of foods (picky eater), intense or awkward situations, big places with lots of strangers.
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, video games, planning games or silly pranks for friends. Exploring. Anything relating to interests.
Fears: Being alone in a crowded places with lots of strangers. And anything that would be reasonable to be afraid of lol.
Desires/Wishes: To be a good artist. To be a good friend /cheesy
Skills: drawing, art, random weird fact knowledge, being able to tell when someone is upset
Job: lumberjack Cashier at a shop, artist, or programmer are all acceptable so have your pick :P
Pets: A small tortie cat named Sunshine
Weapon of choice: some form of sword blade thing?
Preferred magical power: some form of healing
Okay with killing other characters?: in extreme situations as human yes. as Redstripe oh heck yeah.
Okay with being killed off?: sure
Okay with being shipped with other characters?: as long as they're 18+ otherwise it'd be weird
Any Wishers you're particularly good friends with?: I'M FRIENDS WITH EVERYONE DANGIT ;_; maybe closest with Lavender and Darksight?
Any dietary requirements?: nope, just super picky lol :P (I can't deal with the textures of most veggies/fruits)
Other: I am so lazy but here is my form yAAAY

Optional extras:
Room in 6442 Warrior's Wish Apartments: 18 (shares room with Lavender and Anna)
Myers-Briggs type: INFJ
Star sign: Libra (born oct 4)
Temperament: phlegmatic I guess?
Alignment: Neutral Good (human) Lawful Evil (cat)
Armour/Battle gear: idk, might fill this in later OR any writer can take liberty here :P
Favourite food: BURRITOS <3
Favourite drink: water or dr. pepper
Favourite animal: Pallas cats and Quails
Favourite colour: Teal
Favourite number: 11
Favourite music: Shinedown is my favorite band but I'm not musically picky
Favourite Warrior Cats character: Runningwind!!

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