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Re: Roleplay Feedback
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The mods have been talking and we are looking into a way to have tags for topics, so if you want to just do a casual RP and not worry so much about grammar/sentences, then you would tag your OP as casual. Then every untagged thread would be considered serious and you would have to adhere to whatever rules we set.

I was thinking 8 sentences as a minimum limit for reply RP posts, and correct grammar and spelling would be required for serious RP topics. 8 sentences is already what we ask for personality and physical descriptions in character applications so I personally don't feel it's too much of a stretch, though if lots of people disagree we can take that limit a tad lower I think :P

Thanks for the feedback Neon, it's very helpful. ^_^
I admit I only got the reference for the first name though
I guess that's an okay policy. Very similar to mine, so who am I to complain?
For the name puns:
Obvious I made the first name pun obvious, so I won't explain.
MoonWolf123... means nothing. I just made it up along the lines of night so I got Moon. Then I just added Wolf because Moon123 sounds too plain.
Flashing Lites was originally "the flash" about how fast the post went, but I thought it was too obvious.
Octopi On Cars is homage to a RP guide I once read when I was in 2013, trying to get into roleplaying where they joked OOC meant Octopi On Cars. And since that example used OCC... the rest is history.
Andromeda is a galaxy. Galaxies are in outer space. There is a lot of space in outer space.

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Re: Roleplay Feedback
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Aha, I see. Very clever names there, I love the bit about OOC xD

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Re: Roleplay Feedback
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Uh, can NPC cats become active roleplay cats over time, and vice versa? If so, I might make an NPC rogue/loner and occasionally actively roleplay, depending on my school schedule.
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