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Author Topic: The Packs Fates *Wolf RPG*  (Read 564 times)


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The Packs Fates *Wolf RPG*
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A virus has swept the whole nation killing of the human race leaving their cities abandoned and over ruled with feral animals staking their claims to theses cities. The wolves on the other hand remained in the forest far away from the disease which killed some of the prey. Only 2 packs stood strong during the initial shook which lead many wolves to fight for their lands and for titles but only 2 alphas survived it all. Only there cannot be peace between them all as the rogues are starting slowly to talk about wanting to rule the forest and start their own rebellion against thee two packs. Follow your destiny as see where your paw steps lead you. There will be death, love, forbidden romance and much more! Will you make? Join us and Find out!