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The Edge of Dawn
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The Edge of Dawn

A WarriorCats RP  :cheesy:

Do you know WarriorCats and are looking for an exciting roleplay idea? This is rp offers you an innovative plot to work with. You can create your own character, plot a story, post with your character and create awesome dialogues and monologues and more. BTW, if you mention that you were referred by me (Ria), youll get extra on-site money, you can use to buy extra kittens and stuff!

Quick Facts:

3 Clans: FireClan, RavenClan, WillowClan


Innovative Society Structures: Oligarchy, Anarchy, Monarchy

Store to purchase items with money earned by playing

Litter role feature

Referral system, get 100$ start coins by telling them who referred you (me, Ria)

No character limit

Experienced staff members

Friendly tightly knit community

Join Now! http://frwo.proboards.com/thread/47/eod-referral-system Click to start Roleplaying