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The Old Territories AU!
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I hope you want to join!

These four clans live in the original territories. The twolegs have abandoned the construction project and now these descendent's are trying to survive.

They constantly struggle against each other and themselves but when a prophecy arrives, saying a 5th clan will rise from the descendants of Sky, how will the clans manage to divide the territory fairly and make the hopes clear?

Until we have enough active members to enact the main plot, there is continuous sub plot going on to encourage roleplaying! As the territories have changed since the two-legs came and destroyed/changed a lot.

Subplots to keep up the activity:

PineClan: descended from traditional ShadowClan. The Carrion Place is more spread out and bigger. However, so are the rats; they have become a much bigger threat. PineClan must find a way to balance between the new menace that is the bigger, and more dangerous, rat population and the other clans.
WildClan: Descended from traditional ThunderClan. While abandoned twoleg nest’s are more common, so is the prey like rats. Their territory doesn’t have the cover it once did, they don’t have the area of surprise of the trees and underbrush anymore. It has made them much more aggressive then their ThunderClan ancestors. They often attack first and regret later.
TundraClan: Descended from traditional WindClan. While they have somewhat of a moor land, the twolegs who came; destroyed it. They had to learn new ways to hunt. They learned tribe cat ways more or less. How to hunt the bigger birds of prey, how to hunt the bigger snow hares that move in during leaf bare. They share some of the same predators as the other clans. However due to having to adapt more quickly, they are more clever, and rather avoid fighting.
MountainClan: Descended from traditional RiverClan. However, while their territory still has the water and numerous water based prey, it also has more rocky terrain and other animals are also in the game for fish. Mountain cats have been drawn to the territory and can be seen targeting both the clan cats and fish. These cats are often sleek. If the two-legs haven’t polluted their prey source too much when they drive by on their water monsters.