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Warrior Cats of the Forest
« on: July 05, 2018, 11:05:31 pm »
You stand before a bone-white tree, as a breeze flutters by you, it directs your gaze over the small overhang, where you see four distinct territories. You have heard of them before: MoonClan, SunClan, EarthClan, and EclipseClan. A voice speaks to you: "You look excited little one, have you just realized you left the safety of your home? You look worried. I won't hurt you, but others may. Are you prepared to fight tooth and claw for what you believe in? You must make your choice, which direction will you take?"
is a Warrior Cats roleplay that has been active for the past nine years that is currently recruiting new members. We maintain an exciting site-wide plot and would love to see you join us!

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