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Official Acronyms and Abbreviations Index 2.0
« on: July 07, 2015, 01:32:27 am »

So it's no secret, We love our abbreviations and acronyms on this website. For a newcomer this can be very confusing, and for the elders trying to get back into the swing of things it can be hard trying to wrack your brain for exactly what means what. This list will help you navigate Warriors Wish acronyms and abbreviations no matter what your situation is and get you up to speed with the rest of us. (For ease finding something specific try ctrl+f and input what you're searching for)

(this list based on v4's, thread found here)

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Warriors Wish Related

Warrior's Wish
Wuh Wuh
Warrior's Wish
Version 1 of the Warrior's Wish forums
Version 2 of the Warrior's Wish forums
Version 3 of the Warrior's Wish forums
Version 4 of the Warrior's Wish forums (currently being kept as an archive)
Version 5 of the Warrior's Wish (our most current forum, this one)
A temporary proboards created for Ww users to gather to hide from spam attacks during v4
Random Babble
Frequently Asked Questions
Advice and Life
Writing and Homework
Non-Warriors Art Board
Warrior's Wish Site Projects
Shops and Graphics
Graphics Battle Association
Acronyms and Abbreviations thread (the one that you are currently reading~)

Terms of Service
To Be Announced
Private Message
Fan Soundtrack
Fan Fiction
Lit FF
Literate Fanfiction
Fan Art
Roleplaying Game
A mix between moderator/admin. Refers to admins used to being called moderators in past versions
Relationshipping (pairing characters)
One True Pairing (refers to shipping)
Oh My StarClan
Great StarClan
Warriors Official Forum
Hawkfrost (as in the HF Conspiracy, our sitewide game)
Original Post or Original Poster (as in"Pay attention. I mentioned this in the OP")
National Novel Writing Month, a challenge in November to write 50,000 words during the course of the month
Too Long; Didn't Read
Prey Points, the currency of Warrior's Wish (PP can be earned through posting, creating topics, as well as through challenges, and through user-created shops)
Fresh Kill, these are the points accumulated in the Clan Leaderboard competition. (These can be earned through various ways detailed on the thread)
Warrior's Wish Trading Card Game (cards can be bought from the shop with Prey Points or traded with other members)
Clan Life Kitten (a small adoptable pixel cat that "grows" a little each a month)

LOL-Laugh[ing] out loud
IDK-I Don't Know
BTW-By the Way
JFC-Jesus grapefruiting Christ
TFW-That feel when ____
WTF-What the grapefruit
FTW-For the Win
OMG/OMFG-Oh My [grapefruiting] God
SMH-Shake My Head (in disappointment)
LMAO-Laughing my coconut Off
KMS-Kill Myself
AF-As grapefruit (indicates severity)
TBH-To Be Honest
IMO/IMHO-In My [Humble] Opinion
IIRC-If I Recall Correctly
JIC-Just In Case
JSYK-Just So You Know
JS-Just Saying
LMK-Let Me Know
AFAIK-As Far As I Know
S2G-Swear To God
OFC-Of Course
NGL-Not Gonna Lie
NSFWw-Not Safe For Warriors Wish
MFW-My Face When (similar to tfw, usually accompanied by a picture of a face with an exaggerated emotion)
OP-Overpowered (context: usually about gaming or roleplaying)
FOS-Finger of Shame (context: mafia games)
Nerf-Term that means to weaken (usually to make a character less overpowered, Also used to describe lowering the PP payout). Presumed to originate from Nerf Darts
Buff-Term that means to strengthen (balancing characters/making PP payout dole out more. Almost never used.)

NW RP-Non-Warriors Roleplay
OOC-Out Of Character
BIC-Back In Character
RL-Real Life

Warriors Related

=Books: First Arc=
TPB-The Prophecy Begins (series)
ITW-Into the Wild
FaI-Fire and Ice
FoS-Forest of Secrets
RS-Rising Storm
ADP-A Dangerous Path
TDH-The Darkest Hour

=Books: Second Arc=
TNP-The New Prophecy (series)

=Books: Third Arc=
TPoT / TPO3-The Power of Three (series)
Teapot-The Power of Three (series)
TS-The Sight
DR-Dark River
LS-Long Shadows

=Books: Arc Four=
OOtS-Omen of the Stars (Series)
Oats-Omen of the Stars (Series)
TFA/T4A-The Fourth Apprentice
FE-Fading Echoes
NW-Night Whispers
SOTM/SotM-Sign of the Moon
TFW-The Forgotten Warrior
TLH-The Last Hope

=Books: Arc Five=
DOTC/DotC-Dawn of the Clans (series)
TST-The Sun Trail
TR-Thunder Rising
TFB-The First Battle
TBS-The Blazing Star
AFD-A Forest Divided
POS/PoS-Path of Stars

=Books: Arc Six=
VOS/VoS-Vision of Shadows (series)
TAQ-The Apprentices Quest

=Books: Super Editions=
WSE-Warriors Super Edition
FQ-Firestar's Quest
BP-Bluestar's Prophecy
SD-SkyClan's Destiny
CP-Crookedstar's Promise
YS-Yellowfang's Secret
TR-Tallstar's Revenge
BS/BrS-Bramblestar's Storm
MFV-Mothflight's Vision

=Books: Field Guides=
WFG-Warriors Field Guide
SoTC-Secrets of the Clans
CatsOTC-Cats of the Clans
CodeOTC-Code of the Clans
BotC-Battles of the Clans
TUG-The Ultimate Guide

WM-Warriors Manga
RoS/TRoS-Rise of Scourge
TLW-The Lost Warrior
T&S-Tigerstar and Sasha Trilogy
EFtF/EFF-Escape from the Forest
RttC-Return to the Clans

HS-Hollyleaf's Story
CJ-Cloudstar's Journey
MO-Mistystar's Omen
LW-Leafpool's Wish
TF-Tigerclaw's Fury
DS-Dovewing's Silence
MV/MaV-Mapleshade's Vengeance
GC-Goosefeather's Curse
RF-Ravenpaw's Farewell
TUS-The Untold Stories (includes HS, CJ, and MO)
TFTC/TFtC-Tales from the Clans (includes LW, TF, and DS)
ShOTC-Shadows of the Clans (includes MV, GC, and RF)

Tribe-Tribe of Rushing Water
MC-Medicine Cat

EH-Erin Hunter
VH-Victoria Holmes
CB-Cherith Baldry
KC-Kate Cary
TS-Tui Sutherland
The Erins-all the authors
HC-Harper Collins
HCP-Harper Collins Publishers

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Re: Abbreviations and Acronyms 2.0
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CRtW= Cheetahheart Rules the World
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Re: Abbreviations and Acronyms 2.0
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CRtW= Cheetahheart Rules the World
😒 .... anyways

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Re: Abbreviations and Acronyms 2.0
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Quote from: tinyfeather
alt are you the pepe of fortune

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Re: Abbreviations and Acronyms 2.0
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2015, 06:39:00 am »
@lavender , is this useful for your list??

The Rest of OotS
-FE = Fading Echoes
-NW = Night Whispers
-SOTM / SotM = Sign of the Moon
-TFW = The Forgotten Warrior
-TLH = The Last Hope

DOTC/DotC = Dawn of the Clans (arc five)
-TST = The Sun Trail
-TR = Thunder Rising
-TFB = The First Battle
-TBS = The Blazing Star
-AFD - A Forest Divided
-POS/PoS = Path of Stars

VoS/VOS = Vision of Shadows (arc six)
-TAQ = The Apprentice's Quest

Super Editions
-SD = SkyClan's Destiny
-CP = Crookedstar's Promise
-YS = Yellowfang's Secret
-TR = Tallstar's Revenge
-BS/BrS = Bramblestar's Storm
-MFV = Moth Flight's Vision

-HS = Hollyleaf's Story
-CJ = Cloudstar's Journey
-MO = Mistystar's Omen
-LW = Leafpool's Wish
-TF = Tigerclaw's Fury
-DS = Dovewing's Silence
-MV/MaV = Mapleshade's Vengeance
-GC = Goosefeather's Curse
-RF = Ravenpaw's Farewell
-TUS = The Untold Stories (has HS, CJ, and MO)
-TFTC/TFtC = Tales from the Clans (has LW, TF, and DS)
-ShOTC = Shadows of the Clans (has MV, GC, and RF)

Field Guides
-BotC/BOTC = Battles of the Clans
-TUG = The Ultimate Guide

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Re: Abbreviations and Acronyms 2.0
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@Lightning yes very much
thanks c:

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Re: Official Acronyms and Abbreviations Index 2.0
« Reply #6 on: September 09, 2015, 07:50:13 pm »
I notice you have TCG under the forum section, but I think you should also have CotC (cards of the clans) as well as I see that form of it used a fair bit

Also AFAIK (as far as I know) could be another good one to add under general chat terms

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Re: Official Acronyms and Abbreviations Index 2.0
« Reply #7 on: October 29, 2015, 03:46:16 pm »
.....NSFWw = Not Safe For Warriors Wish
Coined by DFW :)

thanks vegas for the avatar, moss for the blinkie & darksight for the signature

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