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Bad Leader Decisions
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I thought it would be neat to start a topic on the actual bad leaders of the books. We don't have to have have a consensus on the "worst" leader, but it would be  interesting to talk about ones that dun goofed as their time as leaders, either one serious mistake or just... was not good at leadership.

I think one of the first that I wooed like to bring up is has a whole leaders that intentionally created a divide in the clan that they are suppose to be leading. The most obvious example of Tigerstar with the whole half clan thing, but I would argue that is far from the best example. While he was creating a divide, he was using hate to bring two clans together as a scapegoat to help others ignore the other clans own rivalries (plus with the addition of his own hate) in addition to his own intimation and promises of glory would provide.

My two examples are doestar and Oakstar. For Doestar, I thought it was extremely irresponsible to invoke jealousy on Goosefeather by making him a full apprentice medicine cat at seven moons. Did she not think of how much bad blood that would cause with the cats that will eventually need to turn to him for help? While it didn't seem to be as strong of a bond as it is in the later books, even the connection with other medicine cats may be irked with this. It also made an opportunity for a young cat to become more arrogant, which while that doesn't describe Goosefeather to a T like it would with other cats, the way that he took the news made him more isolated from his peers than before. I feel that if she waited, Goosefeather would have not felt these effects as strongly

The other example, Oakstar is not as much at fault as Ravenwing, but I just feel that if he dealt with the situation better, than Mapleshade would have not had the fate and hate that she did

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