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Author Topic: (Non-Manga) BloodClan Speculation  (Read 1431 times)

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(Non-Manga) BloodClan Speculation
« on: August 25, 2016, 11:19:55 pm »
This is just a thread for speculating on how BloodClan was formed, outside of what the manga has to say. So basically, a theory based solely on what we have to look at in the novels. I always thought it was interesting that BloodClan seemed to be this mysterious Clan-mimicking group that lived in the city, made up of rogues and kittypets that had perhaps taken cues from the way the Clans were set up but never quite seemed to grasp the full concept.

Like, for instance, they must have heard about StarClan at some point in time, but they all seemed to be less interested in the religious Clan aspects than the dynamics of how it worked -- thus probably, negating their want for a medicine cat. They also may have not wanted to include any form of medicine cat (if they didn't have one, anyway, as it was implied) because they believed themselves to be stronger and outside of the need for a cat to help heal them.

I'll expand a bit more on what I think about them when I get my thoughts together.

So, anyway, just discuss BloodClan fan theories! (Again, just looking at it from a non-manga standpoint.)

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Re: (Non-Manga) BloodClan Speculation
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2016, 08:14:32 am »
Well before I read Scourge's manga I assumed that a rogue that lived in the city had heard tales of the forest clans and decided to mimic the clan names. And then claim power of said clan.

Which isn't all that far off honestly. :P

I also assumed that they just didn't know anything much about the clans and so they didn't really know about StarClan unless a forest cat told them for some reason. Which makes me think the forest cats didn't tell them that sort of thing or if they did BloodClan didn't care or believe them.

As for medicine cats, I think the main reason they didn't have such a thing is because it was much more of an "every cat for themself" system. Old/Sick/Injured cats were weak and thus did not deserve to live anymore.

....rambled there but yes those are my BloodClan headcanons

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Re: (Non-Manga) BloodClan Speculation
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2016, 11:08:40 pm »
I can't really remember what was in the novels and what was in the manga, but it wouldn't surprise me if bloodclan was loosely based on the clan structure, and they either didn't fully understand it or didn't care to mimic all of it (or both). because they kind of... entirely missed the point of having a clan? some of the big selling points for the forest clans are that everyone takes care of and protects each other, even the old and sick and injured, and no one has to fend for themselves. but the only teamwork in bloodclan is some of the strongest cats banding together to oppress the weaker cats, and everyone else is probably even worse off than they would be without a clan

so I could easily see them taking the "clan" setup solely for the power structure and nothing else. the cats in charge wanted a formal system that would let them make rules and force everyone else to respect them, and gave it a group name to make it seem more legitimate. whether they didn't know or simply didn't care about the rest, they just had no use for starclan, medicine cats, honor, unity, diplomacy, or any of that warrior code stuff, so didn't bother with it

it would be interesting to know if they knew about medicine cats, though... I agree that they probably wouldn't want anybody wandering around saving weak cats, because that upsets the "survival of the fittest" system, but I would think the boss cats might be interested in anything that could help them personally or help them secure control. unless they were just too arrogant to believe they'd need that kind of help, or too proud to accept it... but if they did embrace it, I could imagine them hoarding that knowledge and dispensing it only to cats they like, to prove that they're truly in control of who gets to live and who doesn't.
it also just occurred to me that they probably don't have access to a lot of herbs in the city... :P

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Re: (Non-Manga) BloodClan Speculation
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2016, 03:22:30 am »
I think if they knew about medicine cats they wouldn't want to have them and show their weakness. But if the leaders got sick they would maybe have a cat that knew a thing or two about healing and they would see this cat in secret. Maybe none of them ever got sick to the point of needing that.

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Re: (Non-Manga) BloodClan Speculation
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2016, 03:30:37 am »
I'd like to think they did have at least one cat with herb knowledge, but which cat that was is a secret to everyone other than BloodClan's leader and deputy...but given how strict they were with "weak cats are useless", they may have seen that as a bad thing. Although you'd think knowing how to heal and take care of others would be a benefit.

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