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So I just finished Starlight on a re-readathon because I've noticed I've forgot a bit of what happened in the New Prophecy and I am a little astounded by it. I expected it to be very rushed with a lot of stuff happening. The only thing I found was that the Starlight Leafpool was very different from the rest of the TNP Leafpaw. However I don't think we see a lot of Leafpool without reacting to everyone else which meant usually everything she does is a reaction to another character's actions. However she does make a bit of proactive decisions to. I guess I'll call her "neutractive". Awesome word-inventing skills, Neon!

"You too!"

Thank you, mirror Neon.

But mainly what I was worrying about was Onewhisker and WindClan. I know Onestar destroys the relationship between ThunderClan and WindClan, but I managed to related to Onewhisker more now because I saw how much of things of WindClan was from ThunderClan's donations and help. However, like the BloodClan battle, Mudclaw's challenge is way too short. BloodClan fight was about 30 pages. Mudclaw's...was 16 pages long, including when Leafpool had her dream about Crowfeather. That's my second disappointment; the battle was way too short. My third is that it's a little hard to get invested for the first 100 pages. And maybe the 80 pages after that.
What were your thoughts about Twilight? About Onestar? Leafpool or someone?

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I admit it's been a fair bit since I have read this book, but you're right, Mudclaw's Battle felt way too short. Whenever I think back about it it just never felt like it was that big a deal but clearly it was a somewhat big deal to those cats at the time.

As for Onewhisker, I've always thought that him being thrust so quickly into that position of power never gave him proper time to adjust. He was just suddenly a leader, and probably wanted to do a great job. Thus leading to him making some choices that were less than ideal as long as it made him seem "stronger". Not my favorite character development, but certainly an interesting one.

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