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Darknight of Shadowclan
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Name: Darknight
Age: 15 moons, green-leaf
Gender: She-cat (she/her)
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: Warrior
Description: Dark gray tabby with dark blue, almost purple eyes, a scar curving around the left one. Black ear tips, notch in the left one.
Personality: Seems cold and indifferent at first, but after you get to know her better she starts to open up. She is close to only one cat, her best friend Jaysong. Her cold demeanor is caused by her entire family dying while she was an apprentice. She is quite scary, too. Most cats think she is cursed(her entire family except for her dying) and are afraid of her. This causes her to be even more reclusive.
History: Darkkit was an energetic and happy kit. Her mother, Moonshine, and her father, Foxclaw, loved each other and were happy. Darkkit had two siblings, Icekit and Blackkit. All three of the of the kits got into trouble, usually together. You would never see one without the other. When their apprentice ceremony came around, all the three she-cats were excited. They still did a lot of things together, until Icepaw died in a skirmish with Windclan. A few moons after that Moonshine and Blackpaw died from greencough. Foxclaw began to slowly lose his mind. He would always go to the Windclan border by himself and wait until a Windclan patrol walked by and shout insults at them. He was convinced that they were responsible for Icepaw's death. Once he did this and a Windclan warrior killed him. This led to other cats believing Darkpaw was cursed. Even her mentor avoided contact with her. She got her warrior name when in a battle against Windclan she saved Jaypaw's life. They were granted their warrior names together, Darknight and Jaysong. They became the best of friends. In leaf-bare, when the edges of the lake were frozen, Darknight was with a patrol when they heard shouts coming from the lake. They headed down there to find that a Riverclan warrior had fallen into the lake and was trapped beneath the ice to far from the hole he made. Darknight made a new hole in the ice near him and managed to drag him out of the water. His name was Frostblaze. 
Relationships: Darknight scares most cats, and the other avoid her entirely. Except for Jaysong, a brown she-cat with white paws and blue eyes. They are the best of friends and went through a lot together, like when Darknight's father attacked a Windclan patrol, Jaysong's father came to help and died, too. Darknight has accidentally attracted the attention of a Riverclan warrior after she saved him from drowning in the frozen lake. Frostblaze insists on courting her, even though she is showing no interest in him. Although, she can't seem to hurt him and/or attack him when he sneaks to Shadowclan territory.
Other: Darknight's best friend, the she-cat Jaysong, likes she-cats not toms. Only a few cats know this, including Darknight. Darknight herself likes she-cats and toms.